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März 2018

Schnee, Regen, Gewitter: Die Oster-Feiertage

30. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Feiertage werden sehr wechselhaft. Es scheint zwar auch flächig immer wieder mal die Sonne, häufig kommt es aber auch zu Schauern oder Dauerniederschlägen; lokal sind sogar Gewitter möglich.Mehr dazu: [...]

Sky House – Geocache of the Week

29. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Traditional GCT7AZ by Stephen & Ken Wiens Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 5 Location: Alberta, Canada N 51° 18.761 W 115° 14.573 Often geocaching is done by driving in your car to the cache closest to your location. But sometimes you have to do some preparation, research, and gather the right equipment. Our Geocache of the Week falls into the latter category. Sky House is reached by undertaking a twelve pitch ice climb on the famous House of Sky Climb located in the Ghost River Wilderness Area in Alberta, Canada. While it is possible to hike to the cache during the summer, it is not recommended, as the trail is poorly marked and it is very easy to get lost. The best time to approach it is during the winter. It is recommended that you use a 4×4 to drive to the cache since the Ghost is known for its treacherous weather conditions. Once you get to the parking lot, it is a short hike of 2.2 km (1.4 mi) to get to the starting point. The climb up is considered easy by ice climbing standards but should only be attempted by experienced climbers. The elevation is about 270 m (886 ft) and typically takes one to three hours to reach. You are high in the Canadian Rockies at treeline so dress appropriately and bring the right gear. The cache itself is a large black pipe and rumored to be able to withstand the next ice age. It comes with a handy TOTT in case the cap freezes to the container. In case your ascent was rougher than expected, the cache contains the following emergency items: Thermal emergency space blanket Two emergency ponchos 5-in-1 survival aid kit Waterproof matchbox Pack of toe warmers There is also a handy fold-out seat for you to sit down and enjoy the scenery — a welcome moment of relaxation after twelve great pitches of ice climbing. What was the most difficult cache you have found? Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Gewitter an Karsamstag

28. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Ostern rückt immer näher und allmählich kristallisiert sich heraus, dass es besonders an Karsamstag ziemlich wechselhaft wird; denn neben Schnee und Regen sind dann auch kräftige Schauer und Gewitter möglich!Mehr dazu: [...]

It’s not too late to become an Official Space Explorer

28. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Geocachers around the universe have been blasting off to add smilies and digital souvenirs to their profiles during this exciting adventure of Planetary Pursuit. It's not too late to earn up to 10 souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer! Find different cache types to collect points on the Friend League between March 19 and April 8 and explore beyond what you know about geocaching… [...]

Il n’est pas trop tard pour devenir un Explorateur Officiel de l’Espace.

28. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Les géocacheurs tout autour de l'univers ont décollé pour ajouter des smileys et des souvenirs digitaux à leurs profils au cours de cette excitante aventure de la Poursuite Planétaire. Il n'est pas trop tard pour remporter jusque 10 souvenirs pour devenir un Explorateur Officiel de l'Espace ! Trouvez différents types de caches pour collecter des points sur la Ligue d'Amis entre le 19 mars et le 8 avril et explorez au delà de ce que vous connaissez du géocaching… [...]

Es ist noch nicht zu spät, ein offizieller Weltraumentdecker zu werden

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Weltweit sind Geocacher durchgestartet und haben mit der Planetary Pursuit begonnen. Während diesem Abenteuer können alle Geocacher Smilies und digitale Souvenirs für ihre Profile verdienen. Es ist noch nicht zu spät, bis zu 10 Souvenirs zu erhalten und ein offizieller Weltraumentdecker zu werden. Finde zwischen dem 19. März und dem 8. April verschiedene Geocache-Arten, um Punkte in der Freundesliga zu sammeln. Entdecke Planeten, die Du bisher noch nicht einmal vom Geocachen kanntest… [...]

No es tarde para convertirte en un Explorador Espacial Oficial

28. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Geocachers de todo el mundo han despegado para añadir sonrisas y souvenirs digitales a sus perfiles durante esta emocionante aventura de la Búsqueda Planetaria. ¡Aún no es tarde para conseguir hasta 10 souvenirs y convertirte en un Explorador Espacial Oficial! Encuentra diferentes tipos de cachés para conseguir puntos en la Liga de Colegas entre el 19 de Marzo y el 8 de Abril y explora más allá de lo que sabes sobre geocaching… [...]

Der 14-Tage-Frühlings-Trend

26. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Alle warten auf den endgültigen Frühling! …naja…zumindest fast alle. Doch wie sieht's für die kommenden 14 Tage aus? Sind nun dauerhaft mildere Werte in Sicht?Mehr dazu: [...]

Oster-Update: Von Schnee bis Sonne alles dabei!

25. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Das Wetter an Ostern ist in diesem Jahr richtig spannend. Zuletzt sah es noch nach Schnee aus; mittlerweile ist es ein Gemisch aus Schnee-, Regen- und Graupelschauern mit Sonne und einzelnen Gewittern.Mehr dazu: [...]

Wann kommt der Frühling?

23. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Frost und Schnee; diese beiden Stichworte begleiten uns seit einigen Monaten. Doch eigentlich hätten viele gerne schon seit über drei Wochen Frühling. Aber da es an Ostern auch kalt zu sein scheint; wann kommt denn nun der Frühling?Mehr dazu: [...]

¿Sin servicio en el espacio? ¡Ningún problema!

22. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

¡La Búsqueda Planetaria ha lanzado oficialmente y tu viaje por el Sistema Solar ha empezado! En un intento de aliviar cualquier turbulencia a lo largo de su expedición, Ground Control le ofrecerá consejos útiles para navegar sin problemas en el espacio. Aunque puedes estar deambulando por el espacio, no hay necesidad de usar tu itinerancia de datos mientras buscas cachés. Desconecta tu aventura para encontrar cachés dondequiera que te lleve el juego con Geocaching Premium. Como miembro Premium, puedes guardar listas de geocachés para su uso sin conexión, de modo que siempre estarás listo para la próxima aventura, sin importar dónde termina tu servicio celular. A continuación se muestra cómo descargar una lista y acceder a ella sin conexión en la app de Geocaching®: Vaya a la sección Listas de la app de Geocaching®. Puntee en la elipsis (…) junto a la lista que desea descargar. Seleccione Descargar datos sin conexión. Los mapas para uso sin conexión se guardan en el tipo de mapa Caminos. Cuando estés geocaching sin conexión, cambia a Caminos para ver tus mapas sin conexión. ¡Empieza a planificar tus aventuras extraordinarias de geocaching y consiga hasta 10 nuevos souvenirs! [...]

No service in outer space? No problem!

22. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Planetary Pursuit has officially launched and your journey through the Solar System has begun! In an attempt to relieve any turbulence throughout your expedition, Ground Control will be offering useful tips for smooth space sailing. Even though you may be roaming outer space, there's no need to let you data roam while caching! Take your adventure offline to find caches anywhere the game takes you with Geocaching Premium. As a Premium member, you can save lists of geocaches for offline use so you'll always be ready for the next adventure no matter where your cell service ends. Here's how to download a list and access it offline in the Geocaching® app:1. Go to the My Lists section of the Geocaching® app.2. Tap the ellipsis (…) next to the list that you want to download.3. Select Download Offline Data. Offline maps are saved in the Trails map type. When you're geocaching without an internet connection, switch to Trails to see your offline maps!Start planning your out-of-this-world geocaching adventures and earning up to 10 new souvenirs! [...]


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Traditional GC4G2HQ by beans&franks Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: North Carolina N 35° 14.920′ W 075° 36.526′ Get ready for take off! There's a geocache in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that may eclipse the other geocaches on your find list. GREETINGS OBX EARTHLINGS landed on Earth on July of 2014. Prepare for a close encounter with the fourth kind while at ground zero. But it's ok, these aliens come in peace. The flying saucer is referred to as a Futuro House. Despite being miles off the East Coast of the United States, over 600 geocachers have gravitated towards the shiny spaceship to claim their find and see the spaceship for themselves. Originally, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen created these houses in the 1960's and 1970's to function as ski cabins, but the intent was lost as they were marketed as a hip and trendy homes for the future. Geocachers beans&franks discovered this spacey Futuro Home in a junkyard and refurbished it with a nice new silver paint job (originally green). While it may be rated a D/T 1.5, don't be afraid to phone home and get help finding the cache. Once the cache is found you're encouraged to pose either with, or as, an alien. This cache sounds like from it's out of this world (probably because it's a spaceship), but have you heard the news? You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our solar system. A spaceship isn't necessary, just hop on our Geocaching® app, fire up your GPS, maybe bring along a few trackables to drop, and you're ready for blast off!Check out how you can embark on an interstellar journey and earn souvenirs at each planet along the way. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Temperatur auf Talfahrt: Verlauf der nächsten 14 Tage!

22. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Kalte Luftmassen herrschen über Deutschland. Ein dauerhaftes Ende ist dabei nicht in Sicht! In den kommenden 14 Tagen müssen wir mit Schnee und Frost rechnen…Mehr dazu: [...]

How to solve Mystery Caches (also known as Puzzle Caches)

22. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Keep calm and go Puzzle (Mystery) CachingThis article was written by Geocaching superstar and Geocaching HQ employee, Cathy (Prying Pandora). Do you look at Mystery Caches, also known as Puzzle Caches, and have no idea where to start? You're not the only one. Many geocachers feel overwhelmed by Mystery/Puzzle Caches, but they're not as scary as they appear. You just need to begin collecting your own “puzzling bag of tricks” to help you solve them. What should you keep in your puzzling bag of tricks? Think of the “tricks” as what you learn from each puzzle you solve. Many puzzles use the same ideas, so if you solve one, you can often pull that same trick out again and solve another similar puzzle. The more tricks you put in your bag, the easier Mystery/Puzzle Caches will be to solve. You will never stop finding new tricks to put in your bag, no matter how long you've been solving puzzles. This Mystery/Puzzle makes you literally put together a puzzle (GC3K2AZ)Some helpful tips to get started: Start with Mystery/Puzzle Caches with low difficulty ratings. Solve puzzles based on something you're familiar with. For example, if you know a lot about history, you might be able to solve a history puzzle more easily than a complicated math puzzle. Find a partner who is good at things you struggle with. Together, you can fill in each other's gaps. Analytical/methodical + creative/artistic = wide range of puzzle types. Each can see and work through things the other can't. Use a PC or laptop rather than your phone. There are some puzzles you cannot solve with a phone alone. Google and other search engines are your friend. Attend geocaching events and ask more experienced geocachers for help. Geocachers enjoy helping other geocachers. Geocachers helping geocachers solve Mystery/Puzzle CachesSome basic tricks to start filling your bag: Highlighted text. Some Mystery/Puzzle Caches use white font on the page that can only be seen when highlighted. Run your computer mouse along the entire cache page including text and images. If your cursor changes from an arrow to a pointed finger, you'll know you passed over a hidden link. Source code. Many times clues are hidden in the coding for a cache page. Depending on your browser, view the source code for that cache page. To find possible clues, choose a word/phrase from the description and use the Ctrl+F function. This will point you to the areas where a message may be hiding. Other languages. Some Mystery/Puzzle caches want you to “decode” other languages. Pasting the text into an online translator and converting it to your language often does the trick. Binary numbers and other bases. Use an online reference such as Purple Math that may help you with these types of mathematical stumpers. Local latitude and longitude. For example, Seattle, Washington, is at 47° North and 122° West. If you solve puzzles in Seattle and something you try makes a 47 or 122, keep going and it will likely give you the rest of the coordinates. Some Mystery/Puzzle Cache text is white and can only be seen when highlighted with a cursor. Here are some online resources which may give you more tricks to try: Geocaching Toolbox My Geocaching Profile There are many more! Do an online search for “geocaching puzzle solving tools”. Now that you are armed with some basic tricks, go forth, and happy puzzling! [...]
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