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Signal the Frog® celebrates Australia Day

By Annika From January 26-28, 2018 geocachers all over the world got together to celebrate Australia Day!
Geocaching events were held in 85 countries, with more than 31,800 geocachers in attendance. The “Where in the World is Signal? Australia Day 2018” souvenir was awarded 25,700 times. Signal also brought a gift to the party: A country souvenir for Australia! All geocachers who have found or will find a geocache in Australia will earn the new country souvenir on their profiles! So far, the souvenir was awarded 168,772 times.
From a chilly barbecue event in Borgsum, Germany to Signal’s vacation in Australia, we’ve gathered photos from events photos to show how Australia is celebrated around the world.
View the photos!

Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (GC7GH12)
United States, Idaho (GC7GNVN)
France, Bretagne (GC7GRGY)
Australia, Queensland (GC7GH4J)
Finland (GC7GZR5)
France, Bretagne (GC7FV15)
Netherlands, Groningen (GC7FRMB)
Germany, Niedersachsen (GC7GQWF)
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland (GC7GXBF)
UK, Northwest England (GC7H2Z3)
Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (GC7G2QQ)
Japan, Aichi (GC7G92V)
Australia, New South Wales (GC7FVX8)
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland (GC7G67N)
UK, Northern Scotland (GC7FR4F)
Australia, Victoria (GC7F50C)
Slovenia (GC7GEVA)
United States, Washington (GC7GX26)
Australia, Queensland (GC7GF3Q)

Do you have a favorite moment from your Australia Day event? Share how you celebrated in the comments!

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