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No Further South From Here — Geocache of the Week

By Janelle
Virtual Cache
by KRSWrench
S 90° 00.000 W 180° 00.000

No Further South From HereWhen you stand at S 90° 00.000 W 180° 00.000, the only way to go is north. That’s what makes this Virtual Cache at the South Pole so nice nice, baby. Yeah, we went there. Sorry. We were just trying to be cool.
Although Antarctica is the least visited continent, there are currently 48 active geocaches located in this harsh yet fascinating land. Ready to log this smiley? Great! Here’s what you need to do:
Get yourself to Ushuaia, Argentina — the most southern city in the world
Take a bus to Puntas Arenas, Chile
Fly to Patriot Hills Base Camp, Antarctica
Fly or ski to the South Pole
Flying from Patriot Hills to the South Pole and back is a “simple” day trip.To travel by plane from Patriot Hills to the South Pole and back is a “simple” day trip. Or you can ski from the coast to the pole eight hours a day for 65 days while hauling a sled weighing 55 kg (120 pounds). Make sure to bring your extreme cold weather gear since the lowest temperature ever recorded was -79° Celsius (-110° Fahrenheit).
The lowest temperature ever recorded was -79° Celsius (-110° Fahrenheit).Here are some interesting facts about the South Pole that’ll get you excited about this cache:
The true South Pole moves about 10 meters (30 feet) a year due to the shifting of the ice sheet on top of the land. It must be repositioned every year.
Antarctica is technically a desert since there is very little or no precipitation all year.
Antarctica does not belong to any country or person and is only used for scientific or peaceful purposes.
When you log this cache, keep one thing in mind: With great powder comes great responsibility.

Hmm… How do you text at the South Pole with mittens?
A US citizen at the geographic South Pole marker.
The ceremonial South Pole marker.
That duck migrated a bit too far south this year.
The geographic South Pole marker.

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