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DieMuggels – Genesis (A rough night) – Geocache of the Week

By Martin Kerstein
Mystery Cache
by El abnorgollums724
Region Zuerich (ZH), Switzerland
N 47° 23.102 E 008° 41.570

In medieval times, four lords met under the cover of night to devise a plan to hide their treasures from the peasants of the land. One of them used dark magic to transfer all his wealth into the future, where only the most daring adventurers would ever have a chance to find it.

To get the treasure, a band of heroes must consist of four brave adventurers. They must brave the terrifying darkness of a foreboding forest on their quest to find the castle. To succeed they need to be equipped with a torch that burns brighter than a campfire, a device that shines black fire, a piece of rope of a precise length — and a special password!

This Mystery Cache is located in Switzerland, south-east of Zürich. It is so popular that you need to register your team in advance to secure a spot. After you master the outside stages of this night cache, you will face multiple challenges that require the knowledge of different coordinate systems, logical thinking, intuition, and good team communication.

It usually takes a couple of hours to finish this cache and you must solve 15 puzzles in total to sign the logbook. You will face the undead, creatures from ancient times, and you may even encounter a life-size knight!

If you are a fan of escape rooms you will definitely enjoy this cache. One ton of gravel, half a ton of wood, multiple electronic devices, and a selection of books were used in the creation of the final.
Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of DieMuggles – Genesis?
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