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Melbourne’s 1st — Geocache of the Week

By Andrew Baldwin
Traditional Cache
by george71
Victoria, Australia
S 37° 15.305′ E 145° 10.030′

Melbourne, Australia is known for being the world’s most livable city. Partly due to its festive culture and cuisine and to its unique sports scene. But on the outskirts of the city, Melbourne provides great views of the Bass Strait and rolling hills. While the Australian coast is the main tourist attraction, geocachers in the area know one secret spot where Melbourne’s first geocache was hidden back in October of 2000—in the outback.

An hour north of the big city, the Murchison Gap Lookout presents a vista of a thousand hilltops spanning as far as the eye can see. It’s easy to get hung up on the view but you’ll need to go further ahead to find the cache. There are gum trees along the trail and if you find the right one, the cache will be in sight.

Almost 900 geocachers from around the world have logged this cache in the past 17 years. Not too bad for a rural cache way out in woop woop (Australian for being in the middle of nowhere). Today, the ammo can has its own plaque riveted into the metal casing to celebrate this classic geocache.

What’s the oldest geocache you’ve found?

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