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A Dash of the Unexpected GeoTour (GT7B)

By Andrew Baldwin Location:
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Love stumbling upon the unexpected? There’s a GeoTour for that!
A Dash of the Unexpected GeoTour is located in Northern Alabama in the southern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and along the rushing waters of the Tennessee River. The 31 geocaches in the GeoTour capture the best parts of the region. There are views of waterfalls, civil war battle sites, and at the right time of year you may stumble upon a friendly southern-style barbecue.

Great geocaches on this GeoTour:
Joe Wheeler State Park
Traditional Cache | GC6XGN4 | by NorthAL | D1.5/T1.5
Along the 652-mile (1050 km) long Tennessee River, Joe Wheeler State Park has beautiful vistas, campgrounds, watersports, and several geocaches for all of your outdoor adventure needs. This cache leads you just off the walking path to the water’s edge, where you’ll have a spectacular view of the river and Appalachian foothills.
D.O.U. Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard
Traditional Cache | GC6Y6E3| by NorthAL| D2.5/T2.5
A coon dog, or sometimes referred to as a coonhound, is a breed of hunting dog that hunts raccoons.This geocache tells the story of a man and his beloved pup, “Troop” dating back to the 1920’s. Known for his perennial hunting skills and kindness to others, Troop was admired by all who met him. After 15 years of companionship it came time for Underwood to lay his friend to rest at the campsite where they spent a lot of time together.
What Underwood did not know was that others would follow suit by burying their beloved dogs at the campsite. Today the graveyard is the only one of its kind and attracts dog lovers across the United States. While searching for the cache in the area you can pay homage to many great dogs buried here.
North Alabama Civil War Trail 1818 Farm
Multi-Cache | GC669BM | by NorthAL | D1.5/T1.5

1818 Farms is a Multi-Cache along the North Alabama Civil War Trail in the historic town of Mooresville, Alabama. The number of caches in Mooresville out-number the population—there are 333 caches and only 58 people! You can see a variety of animals sheep, goats, cats, hens, a pot-bellied pig, mini pigs, and two Great Pyrenees guardian dogs.
5 Reasons to visit Northern Alabama:
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Gorgeous waterfalls and parks
Fun festivals and events throughout the year
Mouth watering BBQ
Unique craft breweries and wineries
Geocachers receive a geocoin for 60 points. Geocachers receive a geocoin and a T-shirt for 75 points.

What geocachers say:
On an awesome adventure with our best caching friends, to complete the “Dash of the Unexpected”. Fantastic! Bit chilly today but still…awesome place! Thanks for placing and maintaining this cache.” -Nurse 1
The amazing, outstanding, demanding, commanding and downright awesome Team Bald Mob has taken on yet another Geotour!! We came, we saw, we kicked its well you know. We left our mark for all to see!! Thank you NorthAl for giving us another opportunity to show just how great we are!! Maybe now we can get one in the southern part of Alabama!! TFTC and as always Roll Tide!!!” -GeoACT3
This was the last cache in the series for us. Well the last we found. The challenge is complete and the coin in collected. Thank you to the north Alabama mountain and lakes travel bureau. So much fun competing this series. Went all over the state and had so much fun. Thank you for all of the great caches.” -The4LollyGaggers
Find out more about the Dash of the Unexpected GeoTour here.
Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ.

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