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Creepin’ it real: Add geocaching to your Halloween

By Janelle Why didn’t the skeleton go geocaching? Because he had no guts!
Halloween is quickly creeping upon us. If you’ve gotten caught in geocaching’s web, here are five ways to add a little geocaching to your Halloween — or is it add a little Halloween to your geocaching?
And remember, never go geocaching with vampires — they’re a real pain in the neck.
1. Add a spooky twist to your geocache
Monsters. Fake snakes. Burnt teddy bears. Eerie cobwebs. Pens that don’t work.
Things can get really scary really fast.

Rubber snakessss
Burnt bears
Pens that don’t work

2. Find and log a “Ghost” (Virtual) Cache

BOO! Virtuals are often referred to as “Ghost Caches” because of the spirited icon.
Virtual Caches do not involve a physical container, but rather, require you to visit an interesting location then answer questions to earn a find. Previously a grandfathered cache type, a limited number of Virtual caches recently became available again worldwide. There are over 5,200 active Virtual Caches around the world, with new ones added every day.


3. Carve a geo-themed pumpkin
Make your pumpkin spicy with some geo-art. Signal’s face? A Virtual icon? A compass? Go for it!

4. Find a Night Cache
Are you afraid of the dark? Night caches are designed to be found at night and are difficult or impossible to find during the day. Typically a flashlight or UV light is needed to follow reflectors to the final location.

Make sure to bring a headlamp and UV light
UV logs only
No flashlight? No thank you.
UV logs

5. Dress in a geo-themed costume
Travel Bug? Ammo can? Soggy logbook? Muggle? Oh, the possibilities are endless!
Travel Bug costume How do you creep geocaching real?

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