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UnBOOlievable Geocaching Halloween Costumes

By Natalie Get ready to get spooky — Halloween is coming! This year, ditch the usual broomstick and witch hat and opt for a more geo-tacular disguise. In a crowd of witches, superheroes, and princesses, you’ll definitely stand out. They’re dreadful, ghoulish, and just the right amount of strange — check out our geocaching costumes, and let us know if you create your own!

(To the tune of Monster Mash):
I created a cache late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my ammo can became a disguise And suddenly to my surprise
He found the cache!(He found the geocache)He found the cache!(He found it in a flash)
Travel Bug
Put on a bug costume, grab a suitcase, and you’ll be all set for your voyage around the neighborhood.

Bison Tube
Q: What did the buffalo father say to his son as he left to go trick-or-treating? A: Bison.

(K)night Cache
Do you defend the castle from intruders during the day and search for caches at night? Are you a skilled swordsman and a night owl? Are you a fan of mediocre puns? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, dress yourself up as a (k)night cache this year!

Impress your geocaching buddies with this muggle costume. They’re oblivious, they’re everywhere, they make our lives difficult… but geocaching wouldn’t be nearly as fun without them!

Ammo Can
We ammo-can’t believe how great this costume is.

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