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Dezember 2016

Laguna de los Tres: Maya-treasure-06 — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC5TQT9 by CacheGert Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 4 Location: El Chaltén, Argentina S 49° 16.806 W 072° 59.031 The plains of Patagonia are boundless, for they are scarcely passable, and hence unknown: they bear the stamp of having lasted, as they are now, for ages, and there appears no limit to their duration through future time.” – Charles Darwin An enchanting, semi-arid plateau with glacier-encrusted Andean peaks, Patagonia is an adventure seeker's dream destination. Travelers journey to the region for its iconic vistas, and vibrant wildlife, but stay for the delicious Malbecs and rugged gauchos. The Patagonian town of El Chaltén is named for local peak Cerro Fitz Roy's Tehuelche name, meaning ‘peak of fire' or ‘smoking mountain'. Once you arrive in El Chaltén you will find colorful buildings made of corrugated steel, built to withstand the harsh Patagonian weather conditions including forceful winds that will knock you off your feet. Traditional geocache GC5TQT9 will lead you to El Chaltén, where you will begin your journey to the cache location. You'll want to allow about 8 hours to complete the full trip to Laguna de los Tres and back. There's also the option to make it into a multi-day trek with two different overnight camping sites along the way: Camping Laguna Capri and Campamento Poincenot. The last 1.5 kilometers of the hike are very steep and exposed, so many hikers choose to camp below at Campamento Poincenot and then push for a sunrise view of Cerro Fitz Roy. Once you arrive at Laguna de los Tres, feast your eyes on the cobalt blue waters glowing before the magnificent peak of Cerro Fitz Roy and take in 360 degree views of the entire mountain range. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, which is a very real possibility, there are plenty of boulders to seek shelter underneath and search for the geocache. This geocache is part of an amazing series that cache owner CacheGert created for his daughter. He hopes to pass his love for traveling on to her by hiding caches for her in all parts of the world. When she turns 18, he will give her a list of all “her” caches, along with an airline ticket to wherever she wants to go. CacheGert is lucky enough to visit this cache often since he travels to Argentina for work. ¡Qué copado! (How cool!) Recent logs: redgecco What a hike, what a view! Starting in El Chalten, first part is easy. Well maintained hiking paths, beautiful landscape and the FitzRoy in the background. The last 1,5 km you have to climb uphill, the path is also well marked, but steep. The wind blows you away, the knees hurt … but if you reached the edge, this breathtaking view makes you forget everything. We made a little break, enjoyed the amazing scenery and as an extra we get the box! Finally we had around 24 km and 1400 m altitude difference on our GPS. Probably our best hiking tour ever, thanks for hiding a cache there. Of course a favorite point from us, redgecco mach401 What an amazing view of one of the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen. I arrived just before sunset on a perfect weather day and watched the evening shadows crawl across the lake. Wish I could stay longer, but since my time in Chalten is limited, I dropped off a geocoin instead. May it travel farther and longer than me! Gaiemo Quite a hike, especially at the end of a full day trip to Lago Torres, Lago del Madre y Hija and finally up here. But the place with the spectacular view is more than worth the effort! Great place for a cache! Thank you for putting one here! Greetings from Switzerland, we will be back Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Das Weihnachts-Drama

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Weiterhin sieht es nicht nach dem von vielen gewünschten Schnee an Weihnachten aus. Das heißt aber noch lange nicht, dass das Wetter gut sein wird und man einen trockenen Weihnachts-Spaziergang machen kann. [...]

A new country souvenir for Singapore!

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Statistically speaking, Singapore ranks as one of the best places on earth to be born, grow up, and die. Singaporeans can expect to receive a first-class education and have one of the longest life-expectancy in the world. Their city is the hub of Asia's financial services and high-tech sectors. Most citizens are bilingual; they represent a diverse collection of religions and cultures. And one of their most well-known national icons is a fantastical half lion, half fish hybrid: the Merlion. But we think the country's true greatness lies in its geocaches, which are as diverse as its citizens. They range in style and setting from tricky needle-in-a-haystack hides to gorgeous tropical views; from modern architectural creations to rocky seaside traverses. And if that's not enough incentive to go caching in Singapore, from now on finding a cache there will earn you the Singapore country souvenir. Read on to learn about five of Singapore's most noteworthy caches. Butterfly Garden @ Changi Airport T3 Transit GC1HA96 | by Orangefizzy & Buntoro | D1/T1 | Traditional Cache | 497 favorite points Airport caches are extremely rare, and for good reason. Getting permission from the appropriate authorities is difficult. But geocachers Orangefizzy and Buntoro did just that at Changi International airport in Singapore—they received permission for the cache from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore—and GC1HA96 is the result. The cache is placed in the airport's special butterfly garden. Dappled with natural sunlight from a huge wall of windows, the garden is filled with over 200 species of tropical plants, 47 species of butterflies, a cascading waterfall, and air so humid you'll meet your daily drinking water requirement just by standing there and breathing for five minutes. TBH Trail – The Labyrinth GC4XC21 | by riskysurv | D2.5/T2 | Mystery Cache | 20 favorite points To find GC4XC21, you'll need to pick your way through a series of labyrinthine underground tunnels, but the only equipment required is a computer mouse and cursor. This mystery cache uses Google Maps' interior “street view” images of the Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter to create a fun and unusual puzzle. Click on the link from the cache page and you'll be plopped down into a Singaporean parking lot…virtually, of course. Then find the open door nearby to Enter the Labyrinth and begin exploring. You'll need to track down clues hidden within the walls of the shelter in order to answer questions on the cache page and solve for the final coordinates of the cache. It's a fun puzzle worth working on at home even if you don't have a trip to Singapore planned…yet. Welcome to Chinatown GC41AV5 | by onehappy & Just1gal | D2.5/T2 | Traditional Cache | 131 favorite points An exploration of Singapore would not be complete without a visit to Chinatown. While you're there, make your way up to GC41AV5. From ground zero of this cache, one can gaze down at the terracotta-colored roofs of the main Chinatown shopping area and plazas.The streets below seem busy at almost any time of the day, filled with “street performances, flea markets and lots of good hawker food,” as the cache page states. The view offers a striking visual of the contrast between traditional and modern architecture. And around Chinese New Year, colorful streamers and banners hang suspended over the streets like candy necklaces. Metrohomme's “The Story of a Migrant” GC1GRJF | Adapted by Orangefizzy and Buntoro | D3/T3 | Multi-Cache | 51 favorite points Geocachers who eschew crowds of camera-snapping tourists and prefer to delve deeply into the history of a place will likely enjoy the multi-cache GC1GRJF. The cache describes the life of Ah Long, who emigrated from China to Singapore in pursuit of grander opportunities. Although Ah Long himself is fictional, the locations to which stages of this cache lead are very real. At each stage, the listing text paints a picture of what the spot might have looked and felt like to someone like Ah Long from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. This cache fits neatly into the ever-growing category of educational geocaching, or “edu-caching”. Bay Area: Esplanade Bridge GC2QV9M | by Louise&Lauren | D1.5/T1.5 | Traditional Cache | 40 favorite points Marina Bay is sensational from any angle. Rimmed with glittering high-rises and swooping bridges, the bay area is the hub of Singapore's hotel and entertainment industries. The futuristic Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino dominates the skyline to the south, forever deceiving tourists into thinking a cruise ship accidentally docked on some skyscraper roofs. The northern rim of the bay is guarded by a towering white Merlion, who roars out an endless gush of water. And in the middle of it all sits GC2QV9M, shaded by fluffy pink and white bougainvillea bushes. Searching for the cache among the bushes offers a welcome rest for the eyes after the spectacle of Marina Bay, but be warned: spending any amount of time face-first in the foliage is sure to attract attention from tourists and locals alike. Move covertly and replace as found. Singapore joins Russia, Puerto Rico, and China as the latest geocaching country souvenirs. Souvenirs that are currently available can be found here. See the souvenirs you've already earned here. And, if you've already found a geocache in Singapore, the souvenir will be retroactively added to your profile soon. There's still one more country souvenir left to be revealed! Follow Geocaching on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or check back to the Geocaching Blog to find out which country is next. Have you found a geocache in Singapore? Tell us your experience in the comments below! [...]

Newest Geocaching country souvenir: China

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The People's Republic of China: 9,596,961 square kilometers (3,705,407 square miles) 1,376,049,000 people 1,345 active geocaches China's diverse landscapes, rich history, and an abundance of adventures await you. If that's not enough and you need another reason to visit, we've got you covered. You can now earn a geocaching souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event in China! Here are five noteworthy geocaches to get you started: Like mountains, lakes are considered sacred by people of this area, and EarthCache Yamdrok Lake Overlook clearly shows why. The lake is revered as a talisman, and is said to be part of the life-spirit of the area. Don't underestimate the amount of gasping for air any physical activity will ensure, the elevation is ~4,400 meters (~15,000 feet). Yamdrok Lake Overlook GC2V1HN EarthCache Mount Emei – GE7 is located at one of Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Near the top of the mountain you will find more than 70 Buddhist monasteries of the Ming and Qing period, including the first Buddhist temple built in China in the first century. Emei Mountain – GE7 The Terracotta Warriors have lain underground for more than 2,000 years. However, in 1974, farmers digging a well uncovered one of the greatest archaeological sites ever found. So far, archaeologists have uncovered a 20-square-mile compound, including some 8,000 terracotta soldiers, along with numerous horses and chariots, a pyramid mound marking the emperor's tomb, remains of a palace, offices, storehouses and stables. You'll also find a simple, small, grey box with a logbook, a pen, and rooms for a few trackables. The Terracotta Warriors GC30Y71 Some still believe the Great Wall of China can be seen from the Moon, but that claim has been debunked many times. Apparently, the width of the Great Wall from the Moon is relatively the same as looking at a human hair from 3 km (2 mi) away, so if you get to the Moon make sure to bring your glasses. Regardless, you can log this out-of-the-world Virtual Cache Meeting Mao on The Great Wall near the monument close to the second and third towers. Meeting Mao on The Great Wall GCKB03 Huangshan Geopark is an EarthCache highlighting the Huangshan (黄山 literally Yellow Mountain), a mountain range in the southern Anhui province in eastern China. A frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature this area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China's most popular tourist destinations. Huangshan Geopark GC1B40Q We'll unveil one or two new souvenirs every week until all FIVE are officially released and awarded by mid December. A list of currently available geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you've already earned can be found on And, if you've already found a geocache in China, we will automatically add this souvenir to your profile. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or right here on our Blog to find out which countries are next. Have you found a geocache in China? Tell us your experience in the comments below! [...]

Los nuevos souvenir de paises: China y Singapur

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Los últimos souvenir de países para añadir a tu colección están aquí: ¡China y Singapur! Cuna de una de las primeras civilizaciones del mundo, China es un país rico en historia. Dar un paseo a través del tiempo mediante la búsqueda de geocachés a lo largo de la gran muralla, en el Museo del ejército de terracota, 5000 metros sobre el nivel del mar en el Lago Yamdrok, y más. Situado en la punta más meridional de Asia continental, Singapur se compone de 63 islas. Es conocido por su fabulosa cocina fusión, impresionante arquitectura y hermosos espacios verdes. ¿Te sientes aventurero? Explora este misterioso túnel secreto en medio de la selva. Más información sobre geocaching en China y Singapur en el blog de Geocaching. Estad atentos la semana que viene. Queda todavía un souvenir de país que no se ha publicado. [...]

Les nouveaux souvenirs de pays : Chine et Singapour

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Les derniers souvenirs de pays à ajouter à votre collection sont ici : Chine et Singapour ! Mère d'une des plus vieilles civilisations, la Chine est un pays à l'histoire riche. Faites un voyage dans le temps en trouvant des caches le long de la Grande Muraille, au musée de l'Armée de Terre Cuite, ou 5000 mètres au dessus du niveau de la mer au Lac Yamdrok, et bien plus encore. Située à la pointe la plus au sud du continent asiatique, Singapour est constituée de 63 îles. Elle est connue pour sa fabuleuse cuisine hybride, son impressionnante architecture, et ses magnifiques espaces verts. Vous vous sentez l'âme aventureuse ? Explorez ce mystérieux tunnel secret au milieu de la jungle. Apprenez-en plus à propos du géocaching en Chine et à Singapour sur le Blog Geocaching. Restez connecté ce week-end. Il reste encore un nouveau souvenir de pays à découvrir. [...]

Die neusten Ländersouvenirs: China und Singapur

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Die neusten Ländersouvenirs für Deine Sammlung sind da: China und Singapur! Als Heimat von einer der ältesten Zivilisationen weltweit ist China ein Land reich an Geschichte. Mache eine Zeitreise anhand von Geocaches entlang der chinesischen Mauer, im Museum der Terrakotta-Armee oder am Yamdrok See 5.000 Meter oberhalb des Meeresspiegels. Und das ist noch lange nicht alles…. An der Südspitze von Asien gelegen, besteht Singapur aus 63 Inseln. Es ist bekannt für seine fantastische gemischte Küche, beeindruckende Architektur und wunderschönen Grünflächen. Fühlst Du Dich bereit für ein Abenteuer? Erkunde diesen mysteriösen Geheimtunnel in der Mitte eines Dschungels. Erfahre mehr über Geocaching in China und Singapur auf unserem Geocaching Blog. Bleib auch nächste Woche dran. Es gibt immer noch ein Ländersouvenir, welches noch nicht veröffentlicht worden ist. [...]

Weiße Weihnachten 2016?

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Jedes Jahr stellt sich ab dem 1. Advent die Frage: Gibt es weiße Weihnachten? im Allgemeinen ist eine geschlossene Schneedecke bis ins Tiefland an Weihnachten eher selten. Doch wie sieht es in diesem Jahr aus? [...]

Bringt das Christkind den Dauerfrost?

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Derzeit schaufeln Tiefs über dem Nordatlantik auf ihrer Vorderseite mildere Luft nach Mitteleuropa. Daran wird sich auch in den kommenden Tagen nichts ändern. Doch weit weg ist die Kälte nicht: Ein Hochdruckgebiet könnte am 4. Adventswochenende eisige Luftmassen aus Sibirien nach Ost- und Mitteleuropa bringen. [...]

Via des Echelles de la Mort (GC32NMB):—Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC32NMB by Sansecousse Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 5 Location: Franche-Comté, France N 47° 11.165′ E 006° 52.276 What is Geocaching without adventure, risk-taking, thrill, and a challenge to overcome? GC32NMB encompasses every one of those elements, and has its own movie trailer. Be prepared to cross narrow monkey bridges that sway over 100 meters of open air, scale rugged rock faces, and climb what the locals refer to as des Echelles de la Mort: the ladders of death. After signing the log-book, zip line your way through the Doub Gorges in the Franch-Comté region of France to cap off this epic journey. The howling winds that sweep through the gorges have led the locals to refer to the area as “Death Valley.” Contrary to the name, the region is robust with flowers, colorful meadows, sparkling lakes, and the foothills of the Jura Mountains. The beauty of the Franch-Comté draws a lot of attention and becomes an oasis in the summer time, when other parts of France become dry. The T5 thrill seekers come to this area to feel alive and experience the adrenaline. The first stage of obstacles include ladders, originally made of wood and used by smugglers in the 18th century to pass over the Swiss border. Today, in place are safer ladders that are reinforced, and hooks in the side of the rock face to help you traverse en cours to the geocache. Just when you thought you were on solid ground, the wobbly monkey bridge and shaky nerves approach. Harness your inner grit to pass the daunting bridge and grab the cache that lies just ahead. The real challenge is simply getting to ground zero and overcoming that ‘stomach in your throat' feeling along the route. “After a good vertical climb and adrenaline to the max . . . I agree our first T5 was a hand trembling experience, and a lot of effort,” say CEPITIFLI, creators of the video linked above. Can you imagine crossing this in the winter time? There are a few brave souls who went after this T5 in the snow! From here you can choose between hiking back, head over another bridge, or going a bit further and taking a zip line across the valley. Don't forget to BYOP (bring your own pulley), or rent a pulley nearby to add to the adventure. The area is regularly maintained by the land offices of la via ferrata des échelles de la mort. Thank you for all the great pictures for those who have visited, and thank you Sansecousse et Gountard for recognizing this brilliant area and maintaining the geocache. Click to view slideshow. [...]

Nix is auch was!

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Derzeit ist es in Sachen Wettergefahren bundesweit sehr ruhig. Auch in den kommenden Tagen sind keine Gefahren in Sicht. Doch kennt ihr schon das komplette Angebot von [...]

Brand new geocaching country souvenir for Russia

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By Nicole Jendro, Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ We are excited to announce our newest country souvenir: Russia! As the largest country on earth, Russia has many wonders to show and one of the best ways to find them is through geocaching, or “геокэшинг”. From the desolate wildlife reserves to the cosmopolitan streets of Moscow, Russia is an exciting destination for adventurers and geocachers alike. Tolbachik volcano GC2DG9N | by X-JAM | D2/T4 | EarthCache ‘Tolbachik volcano' is Russia's easternmost cache. This EarthCache brings you to a research station at the active volcano Tolbachik. The last eruption happened as recently as 2013. Inside Volcano Mutnovsky GCY8QY | by Pitr & Oleg | D3/T3 | Traditional Cache If you like to get your feet warm, find this Traditional Cache, Inside Volcano Mutnovsky. Another active volcano, this location promises gorgeous views and stunning clouds of volcanic gas. Мыс Хобой GC2BC0T | by kapsa | D2/T3.5 | Traditional Cache Кругобайкалка GC2BC0N | by kapsa | D2/T2.5 | Multi-Cache Visiting ‘Мыс Хобой' will give you a great view of Lake Baikal and ‘Кругобайкалка' teaches about the lake's railway that was once part of the Trans-Siberian Railway route. Moscow Kremlin GC2Q7KY | by Mr. REM Esq. | D2/T2 | Wherigo Learn about the fascinating history of the Kremlin in Moscow while enjoying this Wherigo. Tishinka GC3A264 | by -CJ- | D1.5/T1 | Traditional Cache Learn how the Tishinsky flea market began after WWII in the heart of Moscow by finding this traditional geocache. St. Petersburg's Most Beautiful GCGNHF | by Gary Samad | D1/T1 | Virtual Cache | 611 favorite points We'll unveil one or two new souvenirs every week until all FIVE are officially released and awarded by mid December. Souvenirs that are currently available can be found here. A list of currently available geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you've already earned can be found on And, if you've already found a geocache in Russia, we will automatically add this souvenir to your profile. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or right here on our Blog to find out which countries are next. Have you found a geocache in Russia? Tell us your experience in the comments below! [...]

Los nuevos souvenirs de países: Rusia y Puerto Rico

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Los primeros de los nuevos souvenirs de países ya están aquí. Estamos emocionados al anunciar los nuevos souvenirs que traemos para que los recojas en tus viajes de geocaching: ¡Rusia y Puerto Rico! Siendo el país más grande del mundo, Rusia se extiende a lo largo de once zonas horarias y cubre más de un octavo de la tierra habitada. Encuentra un caché urbano en San Petersburgo, o aventúrate en un volcán en la península de Kamchatka. Puerto Rico es el hogar de más de 1000 cachés activos y su comunidad de geocaching es conocida por su cálida hospitalidad y por ser muy amistosa con los foráneos. Disfruta de impactantes playas o descubre uno de los secretos mejor guardados de Puerto Rico: su extenso sistema de cuevas. Más información sobre geocaching en Rusia y Puerto Rico en el Blog de Geocaching. Pssst… Los souvenirs de países son piezas de arte virtuales que se muestran en la página de tu perfil de Geocaching cuando encuentras un caché en ciertas localizaciones. Anunciaremos uno (o dos) nuevos souvenirs de países cada semana durante las próximas dos semanas. Vigila los próximos boletines de noticias de Geocaching para averiguar cuál es el próximo souvenir. [...]

Die neuesten Ländersouvenirs: Russland und Puerto Rico

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Die ersten neuen Ländersouvenirs sind da. Wir freuen uns, Euch die neusten Ländersouvenirs für Eure Geocaching Reisen vorstellen zu können: Russland und Puerto Rico! Als das größte Land der Erde umfasst Russland elf Zeitzonen und bedeckt ein Achtel der gesamten bewohnten Landoberfläche der Welt. Finde einen urbanen Geocache in St. Petersburg oder mache einen Abenteuertrip zu einem Vulkan auf der Kamtschatka-Halbinsel. Puerto Rico beheimatet über 1000 aktive Geocaches und eine Geocaching Gemeinschaft die bekannt ist für ihre Offenheit und Warmherzigkeit gegenüber Fremden. Genieße atemberaubende Strände und erkunde eines von Puerto Ricos am besten gehüteten Geheimnissen: das umfangreiche Höhlensystem. Erfahre mehr über Geocaching in Russland und Puerto Rico im Geocaching Blog. Pssst… Ländersouvenirs sind virtuelle Kunstwerke, die auf Deiner Geocaching Profilseite angezeigt werden, wenn Du Geocaches in verschiedenen Ländern findest. In den nächsten zwei Wochen werden wir wöchentlich ein (oder zwei) neue Ländersouvenirs veröffentlichen. Freue Dich auf den Geocaching Newsletter von nächster Woche um herauszufinden, welches das nächste neue Ländersouvenir ist. [...]

Les nouveaux souvenirs de pays : Russie et Porto Rico

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Les premiers nouveaux souvenirs de pays sont sortis. Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que lors de vos voyages géocaching, vous pouvez collecter les nouveaux souvenirs de pays : Russie et Porto Rico. En tant que plus grand pays du monde, la Russie s'étend sur onze fuseaux horaires et couvre plus d'un huitième de la superficie habitable de la Terre. Trouvez une cache urbaine à Saint-Pétersbourg ou aventurez-vous sur un volcan de la péninsule du Kamchatka. Porto Rico héberge plus de 1000 caches actives et une communauté géocaching connue pour son hospitalité chaleureuse et sa gentillesse envers les étrangers. Profitez des plages étonnantes ou découvrez un des secrets les mieux gardés de Porto Rico : son vaste réseau de cavernes. Apprenez-en plus à propos du géocaching en Russie et à Porto Rico sur le Blog Geocaching. Pssst… Les souvenirs de pays sont des oeuvres d'art virtuelles affichées sur votre page de profil Geocaching lorsque vous trouvez une cache à certains endroits. Nous annoncerons un nouveau souvenir de pays (ou deux) chaque semaine pendant les deux prochaines semaines. Surveillez la newsletter Geocaching de la semaine prochaine pour savoir de quel pays il s'agit. [...]
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