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Juni 2016

Toma tu HCue de estos vídeos

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Los mejores consejos y trucos para hacer geocaching proceden de… ¡los geocachers, por supuesto!. HCue es una nueva serie de vídeos que documenta estos tutoriales y lecciones aprendidas de forma rápida y peculiar. Echa un vistazo a los tres primeros vídeos: Como hacer una caja de camuflaje Ponle una tapa Como hacer un geocaché ahuecando un libro ¿Tienes algún consejo o truco que el mundo debiera conocer? Cuéntanoslo a través de Facebook, Twitter o Instagram, utilizando #Geocaching. [...]

Happy 100th Birthday US National Park Service! Let’s Celebrate with a GeoTour!

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DID YOU KNOW that in the year 1916: Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States A carton of milk cost 33¢ Women won the right to vote ….and the National Park Service (NPS) was born? That's right. Since August 25, 2016, the NPS* has preserved America's special places, “for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations”. To celebrate this impressive milestone, the NPS is sponsoring a Find Your Park GeoTour to engage communities and help people discover nature through geocaching. The Find Your Park GeoTour launched with 61 geocaches, and now it's up to 87. Will we get to 100 by the end of this year? We hope so! In the meantime, here are five fantastic geocaches from the GeoTour to peek your interest: Washington Rainier100 1: The Glaciers are Restless, EarthCache GC5W946 The Mt. Rainier National Park is so incredible that it's no surprise that this geocache is in the Find your Park Geotour and The Rainier Centennial GeoTour. Kevin Bacher, Mt. Rainier's Volunteer and Outreach Program Manager, says: For geocachers, Mount Rainier offers many opportunities. We have Earth Caches and Virtual Caches scattered throughout the park, some of them easy to get to, and others at the end of long hikes. Measure the temperature of warm springs at Longmire. Learn about glaciers at Paradise, floods at Ohanapecosh, and lava flows at Sunrise. Or train for the arduous climb to Camp Muir to claim one of the most remote virtual caches in Washington State! Along the way, hike through old growth forests and subalpine meadows with spectacular views. We also sponsor an annual CITO on National Trails Day, which is June 4th this year. Maine ACADIA: Mind-Blowing Geology, EarthCache GC11M7T Rugged. Beautiful. Diverse. These are some of the words used to describe the Maine's stunning Acadia National Park. Geocacher hedgeslammer‘s log is what every cache owner hopes others will experience: A great way to highlight the interesting formation of the land that makes the park! Like so many caches, this one brought me to some places I'd never have gone (but some are must-go). I pegged away at this one over a few days while some muggle friends went back to the cabin. A great experience, nabbed a few other caches in the process, and benchmarks too! Thanks for this excellent, scenic and educational EarthCache program! Of course, a favorite! VirginiaCJS – Watermens Museum, Letterbox Hybrid GC2F40P Cindy Chance, Cultural Anthropologist for the National Park Service in Chesapeake Bay, is a big fan of geocachers discovering their area: Rangers here at the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail love how the adventure of geocaching introduces people to significant and beautiful places, often close to home. And we're thrilled that geocachers can now more easily see where the game is played at national parks. So get up, get out, and Find Your Park! Florida BISC: Biscayne National Park, EarthCache GC32CDG According to the Biscayne National Park site, “Biscayne protects a rare combination of aquamarine waters, emerald islands, and fish-bejeweled coral reefs. Here too is evidence of 10,000 years of human history, from pirates and shipwrecks to pineapple farmers and presidents. Outdoors enthusiasts can boat, snorkel, camp, watch wildlife…or simply relax in a rocking chair gazing out over the bay.” But Gary A. Bremen, Park Ranger for the Biscayne National Park says it best: What's worth celebrating? As the largest marine park in the National Park System, Biscayne is “bi-seasonal!” We get loads of visitors from across the country all winter long. The snowier it is up north, the busier we get at our mainland visitor center. Lots of those folks enjoy tracking down our caches here, all of which have been created by and for experienced cachers. But most of the park's half-million visitors come in their own boats, so we are very excited about new caches that are going to be placed where boaters can access them on the park's islands. Arizona HistoricAZ66: Painted Desert Inn, Traditional GC3EPH7 Part of the Petrified Forest National Park, The Painted Desert Inn is also close to turning 100 years old! The original building is from the 1920s and was made of petrified wood, but today's adobe facade is from the 1930s. Geocacher harbhippo had this to say in a recent log: After touring PeFo for free thanks to my handy dandy senior pass, and scoring several virtuals and earthcaches, we saw this traditional coming up and parked the car. I didn't even bother looking at the hint because it's so much more fun to try without first, and a ranger pokes his head out the door of the Inn and says “found it yet?” – which is geo-speak for “are you a cacher too?” He had a little fun with us for a while because of course the hand held Garmin doesn't work indoors, then he led us to the cache with a smile. We spent an hour or so talking about the history of the Inn, probably more than we would have done had we stumbled on the cache without being caught, Very interesting place. If you stop by, be sure to look into the windows to see the tiny apartments the employees lived in back in the day. And check out the history, it's really interesting. So what are you waiting for? There's an entire country full of geocaches, national parks, and adventure. Fill up the tank, pack the cooler, and make sure to BYOP! *Official representatives of parks, land management organizations and law enforcement agencies should know that they're eligible for a free Premium Membership.** Premium membership allows these organizations the ability to identify geocaches currently placed in your region, receive notifications when new geocaches in your area are placed, and communicate with the geocachers who are playing in your area. Win Win! **These accounts are not meant for the personal use of employees of such organization Additional Information: Find more about the Find Your Park GeoTour right here! [...]

+++ Alle Infos zur kommenden Unwetterlage +++

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Unter den folgenden Links findet ihr alle Infos zur kommenden Unwetterlage. Teilt den Beitrag, um möglichst viele zu informieren!Regionale Vorwarnungen: [...]

Freundschaften muss man pflegen: Nachgefragt – Meeting Friends 2017

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Selten freuen wir uns über Announcements so wie kürzlich: Frauenfeld wird 2017 wieder MEGA sein :-) Nachdem wir die GeoGames dieses Jahr ausgelassen haben, können wir uns der Schweiz gegenüber 2017 aber keinesfalls verschließen. Erinnern wir uns: Bereits 2014 waren … Weiterlesen → [...]

Tief „Friederike“ war nur Lückenfüller zur nächsten großen Unwetterlage

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Tief Friederike liegt jetzt seit Dienstag über Deutschland und verursacht seitdem täglich kräftige bis lokal unwetterartige Gewitter. Die Warnstufen ORANGE und ROT kamen dabei bei unserer Warnkarte oft zum Einsatz. Dass dies jedoch nur ein Lückenfüller zur nächsten großen Unwetterlage ist, wurde jetzt bei den letzten Berechnungen klar...Weiterlesen: [...]

Trollhaugen — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional Cache GC37KA1 by roadboss123 Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 2 Location: Washington, United States N 48° 14.554 W 122° 14.797 Have you ever had the feeling while out in the woods caching that someone was watching you? Maybe someone was! The text at the top of the “Trollhaugen” cache page is a warning to some, a siren call of adventure to others. To find this cache, park your car along old Highway 99, not too far north of Seattle. Get out, and as quickly as humanly possible follow the GPS into a very green, seemingly empty stretch of forest. There you will make the same surprising discovery which the owner of this geocache once made: the Trollhaugen House. Inside Trollhaugen you'll find at least one big-nosed surprise… but this is no place for spoilers! The Cache Owner, roadboss123, came up with the idea for the cache after finding a cache with a similar setup in Ohio — though the woody location for Trollhaugen was roadboss123's own adaptation. “There's not a lot of maintenance involved in the cache for the most part, everybody's been good about keeping it as they found it the only problem seems to be not logging coins but that's a problem for all of Geocaching.” With 273 favorite points, this cache is one of the most highly-favorited in the area, and it's definitely worth a visit… even if you're a little bit afraid of trolls. Creative caches like this one are a joy to find. The Cache Owner knows this firsthand: “All of my favorites are ones that took me somewhere I've never been or to something that I never expected.” Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

7 Ways to #GetOutdoors for a Souvenir

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On Saturday, June 11, 2016, anyone can earn the Get Outdoors Day souvenir! To do so, find any geocache or attend any geocaching event. With over 2.5 million geocaches hidden around the world, you'll have to make some choices. And choices are hard! To help, here are 7 ways to combine geocaching with another outdoor activity! 1. Visit a park …by the way, if you're in the U.S., check out the Find Your Park GeoTour! Visit a Park! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2. Go for a hike Hike! 3. Go for an urban walk OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 4. Walk your dog… or cat 5. Ride a bike 6. Kayak or canoe 7. Go for a swim Go for a Swim to #GetOutdoors [...]

16 películas de geocaching a ver

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Has visto blogs de geocaching. Quizá has leído una novela de geocaching. Y muy probablemente has oído (y quizá cantado) unas cuantas canciones de geocaching. Pero no hay un lugar mejor para documentar una historia de geocaching digna de ser contada (ésta, por ejemplo) que ante una cámara. ¡Las 16 películas de geocaching del Fin de semana GIFF 2015 ya están disponibles por primera vez desde el año pasado! Las puedes ver aquí. Todo el mundo tiene, al menos, una GRAN historia de geocaching que contar. ¿Porqué no capturarla en una película? Entra en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Geocaching 2016. [...]

Challenge-Caches sind wieder da!

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Neue und abgeklärte Richtlinien für Challenge Caches Im Frühling letzten Jahres haben wir uns entschieden, eine Pause bei der Freigabe neuer Challenge Cache-Listings einzulegen. Wir wollten diese Zeit dazu nutzen, Daten zu gewinnen, die uns dabei helfen, den Einfluss den Challenge-Caches auf das Spiel haben, objektiv bewerten zu können. Wir freuen uns, Euch heute mitteilen zu dürfen, dass Challenge-Caches von nun an wieder eingereicht werden können. Dabei müssen neue Challenge Caches den überarbeiteten Richtlinien für Challenge Caches folgen. Das neue Regelwerk für Challenge Caches wurde mithilfe des Feedbacks von Geocachern und ehrenamtlichen Community-Reviewern aus der ganzen Welt erarbeitet. Hunderte von Geocachern nahmen in den User-Insights-Foren daran teil und beinahe 20.000 von Euch füllten unsere Umfrage zu Challenge Caches aus. Mithilfe all dieser Daten machten wir uns daran, ein Regelwerk auszubilden von dem wir hoffen, dass es das weitere Bestehen und die volle Entfaltung von Challenge Caches ermöglicht. Du kannst mehr über diesen Prozess im Geocaching-Blog erfahren. Hier aber schon einmal die wichtigsten Punkte: Eine der wesentlichen Änderungen ist, dass alle zukünftigen Challenge Caches einen Web-basierten Challenge-Checker enthalten müssen. Die Richtlinien wurden mit dem Ziel überarbeitet, viele der Probleme, die während des Reviewprozesses auftraten, zu beseitigen. Sieh Dir alle Änderungen der Richlinien für Challenge Caches hier an. Wir freuen uns, dass Challenge Caches von nun an Geocacher auf der ganzen Welt wieder dazu anregen können, spannende Geocaching-Ziele zu verfolgen! P.s.: Du bist Dir nicht sicher, was ein Challenge Cache ist? Challenge Caches erlauben es Geocachern anderen Geocachern Herausforderungen (= Challenges) zu stellen, die erfüllt werden müssen, bevor ein Challenge Cache geloggt werden darf, zum Beispiel die Challenge ein Jahr lang jeden Tag einen Geocache zu finden. Erfahre hier mehr über Challenge Caches. [...]

Les caches challenges sont de retour !

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Nouvelles Directives améliorées des Caches Challenges Au cours du printemps dernier, nous avons suspendu les soumissions des nouvelles “caches challenges” pour faire le point et réévaluer l'impact qu'elles ont sur le jeu. Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que les caches challenges peuvent être de nouveau soumises, en conformité avec les Directives de Caches Challenges actualisées. Les nouvelles directives pour les caches Challenges ont été redéfinies en tenant compte des remarques des géocacheurs et des reviewers bénévoles du monde entier. Des centaines de géocacheurs ont participé à nos Forums d'échanges d'idées et près de 20 000 d'entre vous ont complété notre enquête sur les caches Challenges. Utilisant toutes ces données, nous avons entrepris de réécrire ces nouvelles directives – des directives qui nous l'espérons, permettront aux caches Challenge de continuer et de se développer. Pour en savoir plus à propos de ce processus, consultez le blog Geocaching. Voici les points clés: L'un des principaux changements est le vérificateur web obligatoire pour toutes les futures caches Challenges. Le but de l'actualisation des directives était d'éliminer beaucoup de problèmes qui apparaissaient durant le processus de vérification pour publication. Regardez tous les changements des directives de caches Challenges ici. Nous sommes heureux de savoir que les caches Challenges vont continuer à inspirer des géocacheurs du monde entier pour atteindre des objectifs stimulants ! P.S. : Vous vous demandez ce qu'est une cache Challenge? Les caches Challenges permettent aux propriétaires de caches de créer des “défis” à accomplir avant de loguer une cache spécifique, par exemple réussir à trouver une géocache chaque jour de l'année. Apprenez-en plus ici. [...]

¡Regresan los cachés challenges!

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Directrices nuevas y mejoradas para los cachés challenges La primavera pasada, hicimos una pausa a la hora de aceptar propuestas nuevas para cachés challenges (desafíos), para recopilar datos y volver a evaluar el impacto que tienen en el juego. Nos alegra anunciar que ya se pueden enviar nuevos cachés challenges de acuerdo con las directrices de cachés challenges actualizadas. El nuevo marco para los cachés challenges fue diseñado con la colaboración de geocachers y revisores voluntarios de la comunidad mundial. Cientos de geocachers participaron en nuestro foro User Insights y casi 20.000 completaron nuestra encuesta sobre los cachés challenges. Con todos estos datos en la mano, nos dispusimos a construir un marco que esperamos permitirá que los cachés challenges continúen y prosperen. Puedes leer todo sobre el proceso en el Blog de Geocaching. Estos son los puntos clave: Uno de los cambios más significativos es que todos los futuros cachés challenges deben incluir un challenge-checker (verificador del desafío) basado en la web. Las directrices se han actualizado con el objetivo de eliminar muchos de las cuestiones que causaron problemas durante el proceso de revisión. Puedes ver todos los cambios realizados en las directrices de cachés challenges aquí. ¡Nos alegra saber que los cachés challenges seguirán inspirando a la gente de todo el mundo para lograr emocionantes metas de geocaching! P.D. ¿Te preguntas qué es un caché challenge? Los cachés challenges permiten a los propietarios de un geocaché crear “desafíos” que debes realizar antes de poder registrar un geocaché específico, como cumplir el reto de encontrar un geocaché en cada día del año. Más información aquí. [...]

+++ Lokale Unwetter durch Tief „Friederike“ +++

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Morgen zieht Tief "Friederike" mit ihrem Kern über Deutschland. Dabei kann es zu kräftigen Gewittern kommen, die in einigen Regionen auch unwetterartig sein können. Es gelten hierfür bereits entsprechende Vorwarnungen: [...]
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