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Mai 2016

Tief Elvira 2 sorgt am Sonntag und Montag verbreitet für Unwetter!

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Nachdem bereits am Freitag und Samstag (27. und 28. Mai) bereits kräftige und auch unwetterartige Gewitter über Deutschland gezogen sind, folgt am Sonntag und Montag der Höhepunkt der Unwetterlage.Tief Elvira 2 zieht in der Nacht zum Sonntag von Frankreich über Deutschland. dabei können in der Südwesthälfte schon erste heftige Gewitter auftreten. Im Laufe des Vormittags werden diese häufiger und intensivieren sich dabei. Zum Nachmittag ist dann ganz Deutschland von Gewittern betroffen.weiterlesen [...]

Challenge Caches sind wieder da!

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Neue und abgeklärte Richtlinien für Challenge Caches Im Frühling letzten Jahres haben wir uns entschieden, eine Pause bei der Freigabe neuer Challenge Cache-Listings einzulegen. Wir wollten diese Zeit dazu nutzen, Daten zu gewinnen, die uns dabei helfen, den Einfluss den Challenge-Caches auf das Spiel haben, objektiv bewerten zu können. Wir freuen uns, Euch heute mitteilen zu dürfen, dass Challenge-Caches von nun an wieder eingereicht werden können. Dabei müssen neue Challenge Caches den überarbeiteten Richtlinien für Challenge Caches folgen. Das neue Regelwerk für Challenge Caches wurde mithilfe des Feedbacks von Geocachern und ehrenamtlichen Community-Reviewern aus der ganzen Welt erarbeitet. Hunderte von Geocachern nahmen in den User-Insights-Foren daran teil und beinahe 20.000 von Euch füllten unsere Umfrage zu Challenge Caches aus. Mithilfe all dieser Daten machten wir uns daran, ein Regelwerk auszubilden von dem wir hoffen, dass es das weitere Bestehen und die volle Entfaltung von Challenge Caches ermöglicht. Du kannst mehr über diesen Prozess im Geocaching-Blog erfahren. Hier schon einmal die wichtigsten Punkte: Eine der wesentlichen Änderungen ist, dass alle zukünftigen Challenge Caches einen Web-basierten Challenge-Checker enthalten müssen. Die Richtlinien wurden mit dem Ziel überarbeitet, viele der Probleme, die während des Reviewprozesses auftraten, zu beseitigen. Sieh Dir alle Änderungen der Richlinien für Challenge Caches hier an. Wir freuen uns, dass Challenge Caches von nun an Geocacher auf der ganzen Welt wieder dazu anregen können, spannende Geocaching-Ziele zu verfolgen!P.s.: Du bist Dir nicht sicher, was ein Challenge Cache ist? Challenge Caches erlauben es Geocachern anderen Geocachern Herausforderungen (= Challenges) zu stellen, die erfüllt werden müssen, bevor ein Challenge Cache geloggt werden darf, zum Beispiel die Challenge ein Jahr lang jeden Tag einen Geocache zu finden. Erfahre hier mehr über Challenge Caches. [...]

Get Inspired By These Epic GeoTours

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What's your dream vacation? Sandy beaches? Adventure and intrigue? Incredible geocaches? These epic GeoTours — curated collections of geocaches designed to introduce you to new locations — have all of the above. GeoTour Azores (Azores Islands, Portugal): These 9 islands of volcanic origin represent a true getaway from the city life and a real connection with nature. Sicily GeoTour (Sicily, Italy): Discover crystal-clear waters, heavenly beaches, majestic mountains and volcanoes, ancient traditions and unique cuisine. Passport pour le Nord GeoTour (New Caledonia, South Pacific): Explore the ancient forests, stunning waterfalls and beaches of this South Pacific island. Bermuda Conservation GeoTour (Bermuda, North Atlantic): Uncover Bermuda's hidden island treasures by exploring the beaches, coastline and forested areas of this unique natural environment. Looking for something closer to home? Good news: There are now 60+ GeoTours around the world, and each comes with its own story-worthy locations you'll want to write home about. Learn more about GeoTours on the Geocaching Blog. Pack your bags for these new GeoTours coming soon: The Heart of Sweden GeoTour in Örebro, Sweden Route 66 White Mountain GeoTour in Arizona, USA Kyle Texas GeoTour in Texas, USA. Follow @GeoToursHQ on Twitter to get all the latest GeoTour news. Find a GeoTour [...]

Zadar Sea Organ — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional Cache GC322MF by donweb Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1 Location: Zadar, Croatia N 44° 07.012 E 015° 13.223 There aren't many places in the world where you can watch a burning sunset over the sea, listen to soothing organ music, and then be treated to a solar-powered, galactic light show…without moving from your spot the whole time. In fact, there's probably only one place on earth where that's possible. And there's a geocache there. Zadar waterfront from above.The Burning Sunset Croatia's sunniest months are July and August. Luckily for visitors the sun tends to set every day, so views like this can happen year-round. Tall ships are a frequent sight.A perfect shot.Soothing Organ Music The amazing sculpture/instrument known as the Sea Organ (Croatian: Morske orgulje) is made up of a series of differently-sized tubes located in the water underneath a set of large marble steps. The movement of the waves rushing across the tubes creates beautiful, if a bit random, music. Tubes hidden underneath marble steps produce organ sounds as the waves flow across them.One of the organ holes.Galactic Light Show At the top of the Sea Organ stairs is another installation fighting for the title of Most Futuristic. Embedded in the ground are approximately 300 glass solar panels called the Sun Salutation, which are perfectly walkable by day. At dusk, the Sun Salutation switches on and displays a series of bright and colorful lights. The motion of the lights depends on the solar energy collected throughout the day as well as the power of the waves, and mimics the motion of the solar system. All eight planets are represented by solar lights placed at their proportional distances from the sun. Both the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ were designed by the architect Nikola Bašić. A series of solar panels called the Sun Salutation light up at night.A sunset, the lights begin to glow softly.The Sun Salutation makes a great dance floor.All this, and of course there's a geocache nearby to find. GC322MF is a popular meeting point for visiting geocachers who host events. The cache has 136 favorite points, and while the cache itself might be your run-of-the-mill hide, the things you'll find when you reach it are truly incredible. The cache.An energetic moment captured on camera by geocacher cdem62.Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Return of Challenge Caches

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Today we're happy to announce the end of the moratorium on challenge cache submissions. Effective immediately, new challenge caches may be submitted in accordance with the updated guidelines. Challenge caches encourage people to set and achieve fun goals. There's no doubt that they're a beloved part of the game for many geocachers. However, challenge caches represent a major exception to a basic guideline: For physical caches all logging requirements beyond finding the cache and signing the log are considered additional logging requirements (ALRs) and must be optional. Geocaching HQ has long exempted challenge caches from this guideline because they can bring so many positives to the game. With that exception comes an expectation that the negatives won't outweigh the positives. Unfortunately, a number of negative factors led to the moratorium going into effect last year, including: Subjectivity often results in a difficult review process. Reviewers are volunteers who give their time to support the geocaching community. With most cache submissions, it's usually pretty clear to reviewers whether a geocache is publishable. But challenge caches are different. Many reviewers cite the sometimes contentious process of reviewing challenge caches as the least fun thing about reviewing. Since each reviewer examines hundreds or thousands of cache submissions each year, we (HQ and the community) owe it to them to make the process as enjoyable as possible! High percentage of appeals to Geocaching HQ. Cache owners can appeal a reviewer's decision to HQ if a cache submission is deemed unpublishable. We found that more than 50 percent of appeals related to challenge caches prior to the moratorium. That's despite the fact that less than one percent of cache submissions were challenge caches. It was another sign that the challenge cache system wasn't working. Logging requirements are often misunderstood. Some challenge caches are very simple for cachers to understand. However, more and more we found people were submitting challenges with very long lists of logging requirements. In some cases, a single challenge cache listing totaled multiple pages when printed. Appeals for such caches often resulted in the kind of back and forth that can make the process very difficult. These were among some of the known drawbacks to challenge caches. A big goal of the moratorium was to gain an even deeper understanding about what the community and volunteer reviewers liked and didn't like about challenges. We also wanted to hear your suggestions for how to improve challenge caches. Hundreds of geocachers took part in our User Insights Forum. Nearly 20,000 of you also completed our survey on challenge caches. With all of that data in hand, we set about building a framework that we hope will allow challenges to continue and thrive. What's Changing? Challenge checkers. Perhaps the biggest change is that all future challenge caches must include a web-based challenge checker. We began looking at this idea after it was suggested by many community members during the User Insights Forum. We then found that a high percentage of survey respondents favored the idea. Checkers will make it much easier for caches to know whether they qualify for a challenge. Since Project-GC is already very experienced in hosting challenge checkers, it made perfect sense to work with them to officially integrate checkers into new challenge caches. Read more about challenge checkers in our Help Center. (We want to thank Magnus and his colleagues at Project-GC for their partnership in this process!) Guideline changes. We've updated both the format and some content in the Challenge Cache Guidelines. Here are some of the more important updates: CO is required to have qualified for the challenge. This change was heavily supported in the community survey. In the past, some COs submitted crazy challenges for which even they could not hope to qualify. Time-limited challenges are not permitted. For example, “Find 500 caches in a month” or “Find 10 different icons in a day.” The aim here is at least two-fold. First, these challenges encouraged people to hurry to find caches in a short time period. That's something a majority of survey respondents said they didn't like about challenge caches. And it's not something we wish to encourage. Second, we've seen a lot of people creating Events and/or CITOs only to add an icon to the area for “Busy Day” challenges. That's not at all the spirit for which those activities are intended. Streak challenges limited to 365 days. Ask an experienced cacher, “What did you like most about your caching streak?” and the common answer is, “The day it ended!” Finding caches every day for a long period often makes caching feel like a chore. But we didn't want to restrict them completely, so we're setting a maximum streak length for challenges. No challenges based on Waymarking, Benchmarking or Trackable logs, or specifying Lab Cache finds. The community survey results showed low approval ratings for challenges involving these things. While many geocachers do enjoy Waymarking and Benchmarking, these activities aren't geocaching. Challenges involving trackables can lead to mass logging and other behaviors that aren't ideal for TBs. We are not permitting Lab Cache challenges because Lab Caches are temporary, are generally only available to those who attend Mega- or Giga-Events, are not associated with Found It logs, and are not completely integrated into stats. However, since they are included in user profile stats for Total Finds, Longest Streak, and Finds for Each Day of the Year grid, we are making an exception to permit Lab Caches to be used as qualifiers for challenges related only to those metrics. Challenges cannot be based on these listing elements: cache titles, cache owner names, GC Codes, or listing text. This would include such challenges as “Find a cache for every letter of the alphabet” or “Find caches with the Periodic Table symbol in the GC code.” They generally reward database management, rather than geocaching achievement. More importantly, they often lead people to place caches whose titles start with a certain letter or contain a specific word, only to help people qualify for challenges. What's Not Changing (for now) The idea of a challenge cache icon or attribute earned significant support from the community. We agree there are a lot of good reasons to implement one. However, we want to confirm that the new framework will reduce the problems which led to the moratorium. It wouldn't make sense to engineer a new icon or attribute only to lose it if challenge caches don't work out. We're going to give it a year or so, and then re-evaluate the situation. If we find that things are going well, then we will strongly consider adding a new icon or attribute for challenge caches. What's Next? We love how challenge caches encourage people to set fun goals and expand their caching horizons. There's no question we want these caches to thrive for years to come. We have high hopes that this new framework for challenge caches will reduce some of the pre-moratorium difficulties for reviewers and the community. But challenge cache owners are integral to the success of this framework. It's important that they work within these guidelines in order to reduce the burden that reviewers felt prior to the moratorium. If after a period of evaluation we find that a lot of the pre-moratorium issues are still causing problems, then we'll know that this new framework isn't the answer. We don't have a backup plan. The only remaining option would be to not permit challenge caches as they currently exist. But we're hopeful the community won't let it come to that. Through your participation in our User Insights Forum and survey, geocachers and community volunteer reviewers have eagerly participated in a comprehensive process that has resulted in what we believe is solid framework. We're happy to know that challenge caches will continue to inspire people around the world to achieve exciting geocaching goals! Read more: Challenge Cache Guidelines Learn about Challenge CheckersChallenge Cache Subjectivity [...]

+++ BITTE TEILEN: Vorwarnungen auch für das Wochenende veröffentlicht +++

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Soeben wurden auch die Vorwarnungen für das Wochenende veröffentlicht. Diese werden ggf. in den kommenden Stunden/Tagen noch etwas korrigiert.Wie in den letzten Tagen mehrmals erwähnt steht von Donnerstag bis Montag eine schwere Unwetterlage an. Höhepunkt wird am Samstag und Sonntag sein, wo verbreitet Unwetter, lokal auch schwere Unwetter mit hohen Blitzraten, großem Hagel und Orkanböen über Deutschland ziehen. Auch einzelne Tornados sind denkbar. Bitte wenn möglich an diesen beiden Tagen zu Hause bleiben; der Aufenthalt im Freien kann teilweise sehr gefährlich sein! [...]

+++ Schwere Unwetter ab Donnerstag möglich +++

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Nachdem sich das Wetter nach den gewittrigen Tagen wieder beruhigt hat, geht es ab Donnerstag wieder markanter zu.Den Mittwoch sollte man genießen; denn, er ist der einzig schöne Tag der Woche. Mit nur ganz wenigen Schauern und Höchstwerten um oder etwas über 20 °C reicht es sogar für einen Spaziergang.Am Donnerstag ändert sich dies allerdings schon wieder.weiterlesen [...]

7 Tips for Finding your First Scuba Cache

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You've dominated the game on land and now you're ready for the next level of geocaching — sea level that is. Dave from Geocaching HQ, aka HiddenGnome, recently found his first scuba cache in the US Virgin Islands. He returned to HQ with a plenty of vitamin D and some great advice for those who also want to go on their first underwater geocaching adventure. Scuba caches are no easy feat, but with these 7 tips from Dave, you'll soon be ready to take the plunge. Dave himself finding his first scuba cache, GC3CMHE, in the US Virgin Islands1. Get certified. Before attempting, make sure you have proper scuba certification. Geocacher “FJFitzgerald ” at GC1D6ZQ in Michigan2. Read cache details carefully as every scuba cache is different. Some will require park entrance fees while others may ask you to notify the local park ranger. Geocacher Peter_U and friends at a underwater cache site in Finland3. Research the diving area and its ecosystem. You don't want to be unpleasantly surprised by the local sea creatures or water temperature. Geocacher “Stray65” at GC3GB52 in Egypt4. Bring a compass. GPS devices will not work underwater but a compass will help you navigate while submerged in water. You can also triangulate the position of the geocache based on provided landmarks – certain cache listings will specify. Bring a compass for navigating5. Buddy system is a must. In the off-chance that something were to happen (an underwater current), you want to make sure someone knows where you are. Travelingeek and friends at GC4BAC0 in Cayman Islands6. Bring a pencil or waterproof writing utensil to sign the logbook. Standard pens won't work when wet. Logbook at GC34AAB in Mallorca7. Carry an underwater camera… so you can snap a shot of yourself finding the cache! Say cheese!What other questions do you have about scuba caching? [...]

Vous avez des idées pour vos prochaines vacances ? Trouvez l’inspiration avec ces GéoTours extraordinaires.

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Quelle est votre destination de rêve ? Des plages de sable fin ? Un lieu plein d'aventures et de mystères ? D'incroyables géocaches ? Ces GéoTours extraordinaires — des séries de géocaches mises en place de façon à vous faire découvrir de nouveaux endroits — ont tous ces critères. GéoTour des Açores (îles des Açores, Portugal) : Ces 9 îles d'origine volcanique offrent un vrai contraste avec la vie citadine et permettent une vraie connexion avec la nature. GéoTour de Sicille (Sicille, Italie) : Découvrez ses eaux cristallines, ses plages paradisiaques, ses montagnes majestueuses et leurs volcans, ses traditions anciennes et sa gastronomie unique. GéoTour Passeport pour le Nord (Nouvelle-Calédonie, Pacifique Sud) : Explorez les forêts anciennes, les chutes d'eau impressionnantes et les plages de cette île du Pacifique Sud. GéoTour de la réserve des Bermudes (les Bermudes, Atlantique Nord) : Découvrez les trésors cachés des îles des Bermudes en explorant les plages, la côte et les zones forestières de cet environnement naturel unique. Vous cherchez quelque chose plus proche de chez vous ? Bonne nouvelle : il y a maintenant plus de 60 GéoTours autour du monde, et chacun d'eux comporte ses endroits mémorables que vous voudrez raconter en rentrant. Apprenez-en plus à propos des GéoTours sur le blog Geocaching. Faites vos bagages pour ces nouveaux GéoTours qui arrivent bientôt : The Heart of Sweden GeoTour à Örebro, Suède Route 66 White Mountain GeoTour en Arizona, États-Unis Kyle Texas GeoTour au Texas, États-Unis Suivez @GeoToursHQ sur Twitter pour avoir toutes informations sur ces nouveaux GéoTours. Trouver un GéoTour [...]

¿Tienes algún plan de vacaciones? Inspírate con estos GeoTours épicos.

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¿En qué consisten las vacaciones de tus sueños? ¿Playas de fina arena? ¿Aventura e intriga? ¿Geocachés increíbles? Estos GeoTours épicos — cuidadas colecciones de geocachés diseñadas para enseñarte nuevos lugares — tienen todo lo anterior. GeoTour Azores (Islas Azores, Portugal): Estas 9 islas de origen volcánico representan una auténtica huida de la vida urbana, y una conexión real con la naturaleza. GeoTour Sicilia (Sicilia, Italia): Descubre aguas cristalinas, playas de ensueño, montañas y volcanes majestuosos, antiguas tradiciones y una gastronomía única. GeoTour Passport pour Le Nord (Nueva Caledonia, Pacífico Sur): Explora antiguos bosques, asombrosas cascadas y playas de esta isla del pacífico sur. GeoTour Bermuda Conservation (Bermuda, Atlántico Norte): Descubre los tesoros ocultos de la isla Bermuda explorando las playas, el litoral y las zonas boscosas de este entorno natural único. ¿Buscas algo más cercano a tu casa? Buenas noticias: Actualmente hay más de 60 GeoTours por todo el mundo, cada cual con sus propios lugares que merecen la pena, y desde los cuales querrás escribir a casa para contar cómo son. Obtén más información en el Blog de Geocaching. Haz las maletas para estos nuevos GeoTours que están en el horno: The Heart of Sweden GeoTour en Örebro, Suecia Route 66 White Mountain GeoTour en Arizona, EEUU Kyle Texas GeoTour en Texas, EEUU Sigue la cuenta de @GeoToursHQ en Twitter para recibir las últimas noticias de GeoTours. Encuentra un Geotour [...]

Hast Du Urlaubspläne? Lass Dich inspirieren von diesen legendären GeoTouren.

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Was ist Dein Traumurlaub? Sandige Strände? Abenteuer und Spannung? Unglaubliche Geocaches? Diese legendären GeoTouren – erlesene Geocache-Sammlungen, die Dir neue Orte näherbringen sollen – haben all das. GeoTour Azoren (Azoren, Portugal): Diese 9 vulkanischen Inseln sind eine echte Zuflucht aus dem Stadtleben hinaus in die Natur. Sizilien GeoTour (Sizilien, Italien): Entdecke kristallklares Wasser, himmlische Strände, erhabene Berge und Vulkane, uralte Traditionen und einzigartige Küche. Passport pour le Nord GeoTour (Neukaledonien, Südpazifik): Entdecke uralte Wälder, atemberaubende Wasserfälle und Strände auf dieser südpazifischen Insel. Bermuda Umweltschutz GeoTour (Bermuda, Nordatlantik): Entdecke Bermudas versteckte Schätze, indem Du Strände, Küsten und bewaldete Gebiete erforschst in dieser einzigartigen Natur. Du suchst nach etwas, das näher liegt? Gute Neuigkeiten: Es gibt jetzt mehr als 60 GeoTouren rund um die Welt und jede von ihnen hat ihre eigenen tollen Ort, der etwas ganz Besonderes ist. Mehr Informationen über GeoTouren erhälst Du im Geocaching Blog. Packe schon mal Deine Koffer für diese neuen GeoTouren, die bald herauskommen: The Heart of Sweden GeoTour in Örebro, Schweden Route 66 White Mountain GeoTour in Arizona, USA Kyle Texas GeoTour in Texas, USA. Folge @GeoToursHQ auf Twitter, um die neuesten GeoTour-Neuigkeiten zu erfahren. Finde eine GeoTour [...]

Tief Barbara und ihre Geschwister bringen Gewitter nach Deutschland

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Auf dieses Wetter haben wohl viele gewartet: Hochsommerliche Temperaturen und Sonnenschein. Doch dies wird sich am morgigen Sonntag ändern: Tief Barbara lässt ihre Kaltfront über uns ziehen. Vor der Kaltfront ist die Luft schwül-warm, hinter ihr deutlich kühler. Der warmen Luft bleibt an der Grenze zur kalten Luft nichts anderes übrig, als aufzusteigen. Beim Aufsteigen bilden sich Wolken die durch die konstanten Aufwinde immer größer und mächtiger werden. Später entstehen Schauer und dann auch Gewitter. Da die Temperaturkontraste in diesem Fall recht groß sind, sind lokale Unwetter nicht ausgeschlossen. Die höchste Wahrscheinlichkeit für Unwetter ist in einem Streifen von Baden-Württemberg und dem westlichen Bayern, bis ins nordöstliche Niedersachsen und ins nordwestliche Sachsen-Anhalt. Dort sind örtliche hohe Blitzraten, Hagel bis 2 cm Durchmesser, Platzregen bis 30 l/m² in 60 min und Sturmböen bis 80 km/h möglich. Vor und Akutwarnungen gibt es jederzeit unter folgendem Link: Besucht unsere neue News-Website: [...]

Das Müssmannhaus — Geocache of the Week

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Mystery Cache GC48D69 by die 2 Schachtmeister Difficulty: 5 Terrain: 4.5 Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany N 51° 40.635 E 006° 52.571 Required for finding this Geocache of the Week: a tolerance for tight, pitch-black spaces. The cache was built by these two guys, Joem and Andreas, collectively known as die 2 Schachtmeister. They've poured their souls, sweat, and earnings into creating this terrifyingly convincing haunted house-style geocache. The COs of the Müssmannhaus.Solve the puzzle from the cache page and you'll find yourself “trapped” inside the Müssmannhaus having been kidnapped… or so the story goes. The goal is simple: escape the house by finding the geocache. A popular photo opportunity near the entrance to the Müssmannhaus.How it Works The Müssmannhaus is actually several huge shipping containers owned by the cache owners. They're stacked together and are connected by a series of secret hallways, tiny tunnels, and hidden rooms inside. Any team of geocachers who enter the house (at least 3 people are required) will face difficult puzzles and eerie, dark places in their quest to make it through. “In you go!”The outside of the Müssmannhaus.But it won't be easy. For one, things get really, really tight. The cache owners have actually written a warning for those attempting to find the cache: In order to complete the adventure, you cannot have any — and we mean any — fear of tight, dark spaces. You'll need to be able to fit your entire body through openings that are no bigger than 40 x 40 cm. You also need to generally be okay with grisly things (fake grisly, of course), and be able to think under pressure. Spoiler photos are regularly cleaned from the cache page, so you'll need to pay a visit to the cache in person in order to find out what it's really like. But if you can't make it out to Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany anytime soon, watch these videos (in German) about the cache to catch glimpses of what happens inside the Müssmannhaus. The cache has garnered quite a fan club. On the one year anniversary of the Müssmannhaus's publication, a celebration was held in the vicinity of the structure. There was even a replica cake! Das Müssmannhaus Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

What’s On Your Geocaching Wish List?

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The world is filled with millions of great geocaches: hidden gems in the city, peaceful vistas, trees to be scaled… With so much adventure out there (and so little time), what's a geocacher to do? The first step: make a list! Whether you're planning a hike with friends or your dream vacation, lists help keep your geocaching life organized. And since the most recent update, planning your geocache outings just got easier. Premium members can now create and edit lists of geocaches directly from the Geocaching® app. Lists can also help you track those geocaches that you want — nay, need! — to find one day. Here are our some of our favorite geocaching wish lists: Geocaching's Greatest Hits 4 Geocaches with Amazing Views 5 Dreamy Beaches with Awesome Geocaches 7 EarthCaches on 7 Continents What geocaches do you most want to find? Share your wish list (like this one!) on Facebook or Twitter using #geocaching and it may be featured on the Geocaching Blog. [...]
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