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April 2016

Cooper River Cleanup — Geocache of the Week

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CITO Event GC60W3J by ODragon Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1.5 Location: New Jersey, United States N 39° 56.132 W 075° 05.233 Last Saturday, 120 people from the Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ area found themselves in the unlikely position of being consumed by mud from below, and drenched by rain from above. Plastic ponchos were given out, and individuals who'd been roughly human-shaped their whole lives were suddenly transformed into large blue flying squirrels. Soon, the people picking up the garbage became nearly indistinguishable from the garbage itself. And still they worked, until 10,151 pounds of trash was scraped from the banks of the Cooper River. Geocachers pirateducks had fun, got muddy.How does a person create an account for a GPS treasure hunt game and end up cleaning up a muddy river on a rainy April morning? A CITO — or Cache In Trash Out® event — is a type of geocache. But…instead of using an app or GPS to find a hidden container, you'll need to attend a CITO event in order to be able to claim the geocache “find”. CITO events aim to improve the geocaching game board (Earth) by bringing people together to pick up trash, remove invasive species, restore greenspaces, or build trails. It's geocaching's ongoing environmental initiative, which people can participate in year round. Last week's CITO was hosted by ODragon, a veteran CITO organizer, Community Volunteer Reviewer, and 12-year geocacher. For the fourth year in a row, ODragon tacked his CITO event on to a large community cleanup organized by United By Blue. The apparel company puts on community events all over the United States (find one near you), out of which any geocacher can create a CITO event. 36 standard tires and 3 truck tires were pulled out of the mud.ODragon estimates roughly a third of the 120 attendees were there because of his CITO listing. And attendees at this event got more than they'd bargained for, in many ways. All cleanup supplies were provided, and the United By Blue organizers took care of disposing of all the collected garbage. Everyone who attended got t-shirts free of charge, as well as pizza for lunch. CITO attendee and geocacher GerIRL said, I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but after 11+ years of geocaching, this is only my 1st ever CITO attended. I promise – I'll try to do better over the next 11+ years! Anyway, I perused all the NJ CITO's, and decided to drive the 80 minutes down the turnpike to come here. It was really a lot of fun – the weather was nasty, rainy and chilly, but I wore my waders and went on tire patrol, pulling out 5 tires from the tidal mud flats. Then I grabbed some bags to pick up regular trash. I was really impressed at the turnout – there must have been about a hundred people who volunteered. I waited for the weigh-in, and left before the pizza arrived. 10,000+ lbs of trash is amazing. The park looks a whole lot better now than it did yesterday. Thanks to ‘O for organizing.” View from the “Sign up and stay dry” tent.The cleanup was cut short when a geocacher pulled a human skull out of the mud. The police were called, the skull confiscated, and the area roped off with police tape. Logs on the cache page are littered with similar sentiment: “We hope that this find brings closure to someone somewhere.” The geocacher who found the skull giving a statement to the police.Despite the turn for the dark and grisly, ODragon says this is his most successful CITO cleanup event yet, in terms of pounds of trash removed and number of attendees at a Cooper River event. And for that reason, Cooper River Cleanup is the first ever CITO Geocache of the Week! The group together.Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

+++ Schnee bis in tiefe Lagen und kräftige Gewitter: Der Wintling 2016 +++

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Am morgigen Dienstag und am Mittwoch muss in der Mitte und im Süden mit Schnee bis in tiefe Lagen gerechnet werden. Im Bergland sind ab 300 bis 400 m mehr als 5 cm Neuschnee möglich! Wer in diesen Regionen schon die Sommerreifen drauf hat, sollte sein Auto besser stehen lassen. Aber auch die Fahrer mit Winterreifen sollten sehr vorsichtig fahren! Zudem ziehen von Nordwesten her Gewitter auf, die sehr kräftig sein können. Dabei muss verbreitet mit heftigem Graupel und schweren Sturmböen gerechnet werden.Beachtet die Warnungen und passt auf euch auf!Zu den Warnungen: [...]

4 Geocaching Lists with Breathtaking Destinations from Around the World

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The world is filled with millions of great geocaches: hidden gems in the city, peaceful vistas, trees to be scaled… With so much adventure out there (and so little time), what's a geocacher to do? The first step: make a list! Whether you're planning a hike with friends or your dream vacation, lists help keep your geocaching life organized. And since the most recent update, planning your geocache outings just got easier. Premium members can now create and edit lists of geocaches directly from the Geocaching® app. Lists can also help you track those geocaches that you want — nay, need! — to find one day. Here are our some of our favorite geocaching wish lists: Geocaching's Greatest Hits (Bookmark list here) Greatest HitsGeocaches with Amazing Views (Bookmark list here) Amazing Views5 Dreamy Beaches with Awesome Geocaches (Bookmark list here) Dreamy Beaches7 EarthCaches on 7 Continents (Bookmark list here) EarthCachesWhat geocaches do you most want to find? Share your wish list on Facebook or Twitter using #geocaching and it may be featured on the Geocaching Blog. [...]

Inspírate con estas 4 listas de geocachés

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¿Qué hay en tu lista de deseos de geocaching? El mundo está lleno de millones de grandes geocachés: joyas ocultas en la ciudad, tranquilas vistas, árboles para escalar… con tantísimas aventuras ahí fuera (y tan poco tiempo), ¿qué puede hacer un geocacher? Primer paso: ¡Crear una lista! Tanto si estás planeando una salida al campo con tus amigos como si son las vacaciones de tus sueños, las listas ayudan a tener tu vida de geocacher organizada. Y, desde la última actualización, planificar tus salidas en busca de geocachés es mucho más fácil. Los usuarios premium ya pueden crear y editar listas de geocachés directamente desde la app de Geocaching®. Las listas también pueden ayudarte a hacer seguimiento de los geocachés que quieres — mejor dicho: ¡necesitas! — encontrar algún día. He aquí algunas de nuestras listas de deseos de geocaching preferidas: Grandes éxitos de geocaching 4 geocachés con vistas increíbles 5 playas de ensueño con geocachés espectaculares 7 EarthCaches en 7 continentes ¿Qué geocachés son los que más te gustaría encontrar? Comparte tu lista de deseos (¡igual que esta!) en Facebook o Twitter utilizando #geocaching y podría aparecer como destacada en el Blog de Geocaching. [...]

Lass Dich von diesen 4 Geocache-Lesezeichenlisten inspirieren

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Was steht auf Deiner Geocaching-Wunschliste? Die Welt ist voll mit Millionen toller Geocaches: versteckte Schätze in der Stadt, friedliche Aussichtspunkte, Bäume zum Hochklettern … Es gibt so viele Abenteuer da draußen (und so wenig Zeit), was soll ich Geocacher da tun? Schritt eins: Erstelle eine Lesezeichenliste! Egal, ob Du eine Wanderung mit Freunden oder Deinen Traumurlaub planst, Lesezeichenlisten helfen Dir, Dein Geocaching-Leben zu organisieren. Und seit dem letzten Update ist die Planung Deiner Geocaching-Ausflüge noch leichter geworden. Premium-Mitglieder können jetzt Lesezeichenlisten direkt mit der Geocaching®-App erstellen und bearbeiten. Lesezeichenlisten helfen Dir auch, die Geocaches aufzuspüren, die Du eines Tages finden willst oder vielmehr: musst! Hier sind ein paar unserer beliebtesten Geocaching-Wunschlisten: Geocaching Greatest Hits 4 Geocaches mit atemberaubenden Aussichten 5 Traumstrände mit tollen Geocaches 7 EarthCaches auf 7 Kontinenten Welche Geocaches möchtest Du am liebsten finden? Teile Deine Wunschliste (wie diese!) auf Facebook oder Twitter, indem Du #geocaching benutzt und vielleicht erscheint sie im Geocaching-Blog. [...]

Trouvez l’inspiration avec ces 4 listes de géocaches

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Qu'est-ce qui se trouve sur votre liste de souhaits pour le géocaching ? Le monde est rempli de millions de géocaches : des gemmes cachées en ville, des vues paradisiaques, des arbres à escalader… avec tant d'aventures à vivre (et si peu de temps), que doit faire un géocacheur ? La première étape : créer une liste ! Que vous prévoyiez une randonnée avec vos amis ou le voyage de vos rêves, les listes vous aident à organiser votre vie de géocaching. Et depuis la dernière mise à jour, planifier vos sorties géocaching devient beaucoup plus facile. Les membres Premium peuvent maintenant éditer des listes de géocaches directement depuis l'appli Geocaching®. Les listes peuvent également vous permettre de sélectionner ces géocaches que vous voulez — ou plutôt, qu'il vous faut ! — trouver un jour. En voici quelques-unes faisant partie de notre liste de souhaits: Les plus grands tubes du géocaching 4 géocaches avec des vues extraordinaires 5 plages de rêve avec de superbes géocaches 7 EarthCaches sur 7 continents Quelles sont les géocaches que vous voulez le plus trouver ? Partagez votre liste de souhaits (comme celle-ci) sur Facebook ou Twitter en utilisant #geocaching et elle pourrait être mentionnée sur le blog Geocaching. [...]

+++ Sommerreifen-Schneechaos am Dienstagmorgen möglich! +++

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In der kommenden Woche steht eine seltene Wetterlage an. Ein Tiefdruckkomplex reicht von Italien bis ins nördliche Skandinavien und führt somit die kälteste Luft zu uns, die zu der Jahreszeit überhaupt möglich ist. Am Montag wird es noch meist Regen oder lokal Schneeregen sein; in der Nacht zum Dienstag sorgt die Kaltfront eines Tiefs für weitere Abkühlung. Mit der Front sinkt die Schneefallgrenze bis Dienstagmorgen von Nordwesten her auf ca. 200 m. Wegen der recht hohen Temperaturkontraste muss mit teils kräftigen Schneefällen gerechnet werden. Oberhalb 300 bis 400 m muss mit Behinderungen im Straßenverkehr gerechnet werden. Dort fallen bis Dienstagmittag 5 bis 10, in Staulagen auch bis 12 cm Schnee. Zum Nachmittag folgen hinter der Kaltfront teils kräftige Schnee- und Graupelschauer, lokal auch Gewitter....die Nacht zum Mittwoch sieht nach jetzigem Stand nicht besser aus.Wir hoffen, dass ihr alle noch Winterreifen parat habt ;)Kommt gut durch die Woche! [...]

When Fools Rush In

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Article by Reid Kuennen Imagine this: It's January in Seattle. It's a dark, rainy Monday and you roll into work at Geocaching HQ. On your desk is a mysterious letter, addressed to you: Intrigued, you neglect your first sip of coffee to immediately inquire about the contents within. You discover a simple note: You are receiving this message because we think you are funny. As in, a good joke maker. It is January. Which means April 1st is basically tomorrow. This is a big deal as Geocaching HQ has come to be known around the globe for its April Fools shenanigans. From geocaching workouts, to T.I.N.Y. caches, to being DNFing awesome – we've made an impact on our Gross National Hilarious (GNH). This is where you come in. We need you to help make this year's Geocaching April Fools joke even more epic than the rest. If you choose to accept, you will send us an email that says something like, “Duh,” or “I laugh in the face of laughs,” etc. Then, you will patiently await further instructions. And this is how April Fools begins at Geocaching HQ. A few weeks later, the 10-15 envelope-receiving comedians have a meeting to get down to some serious funny business. Each person is tasked to prepare two pitches for an April Fools story that will: Delight the geocaching community Be informative and/or drive the game forward Be funny Sometimes being funny is hard… and vulnerable, so we start the meeting off with setting a safe and playful tone by playing improv games.* Next, everyone takes turns confidently pitching their ideas as if they are the best April Fools jokes the world has ever seen. Let's just say the 2016 pitches were… varied: Here is a photo-op I couldn't resist during someone's pitch.We narrowed down the stories to pick the most funny yet feasible theme. And #spoilernotspoiler alert, we went with Galaxy Search, caching in the new frontier. You can learn more about how it all played out here. Serendipitously, we were able to tie-in this award-winning piece from the 2013 Geocaching International Film Festival: And speaking of GIFF… The 4th annual Geocaching International Film Festival is on. This means now you have the opportunity tell your own geocaching story that could be seen by the worldwide geocaching community. And if we've learned anything from our annual April Fools process, it is that geocaching is ripe with story. It is full of funny, heartfelt, adventurous, and inspiring moments that are waiting to be captured. And thus, I leave you with my humble advice: Invite your friends over Provide snacks Warm up with some fun games* Pitch some geocaching Story Worthy Moments You never know what you might come up with. *CategoriesHere is the improv game we played this year: Person A gives Person B a category, such as ‘Types of Trees.” As quick as Person B can, they have to name five types of trees—the weirder and less accurate the better. (In fact, someone actually said, “Canadian trees.”) Each time they name a new item, the rest of the group counts them out in a congratulatory manner, “One!” “Two!” etc. up to “FIVE!!!” Once they've listed all five, Person B gives a new category to someone else and hilarity continues to ensue. [...]

Trouvez une Géocache de la Semaine Près de Vous

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Presque chaque semaine pendant 5 ans, une superbe géocache a été sélectionnée quelque part dans le monde pour recevoir le prix officiel de la “Géocache de la semaine” par le Geocaching HQ. Utilisez cette carte pour trouver les anciennes Géocaches de la Semaine proches de vous. Cliquez sur un point vert pour voir le nom et le code GC de la cache, puis cliquez sur le lien pour ouvrir la page de la cache. Saisissez le code GC de la cache dans la barre de recherche du blog Geocaching pour lire l'article publié à propos de cette géocache.* Les Géocaches de la Semaine partout dans le monde *Les Géocaches de la Semaine qui ont été archivées depuis qu'elles ont reçu cette distinction ne sont pas affichées. Nominez une superbe géocache près de chez vous en utilisant le formulaire de nomination pour la Géocache de la Semaine ! [...]

Suche nach einem “Geocache der Woche” in Deiner Nähe

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Seit fast 5 Jahren wird ein herausragender Geocache von irgendwo aus der Welt zum offiziellen “Geocache der Woche” vom Geocaching-Hauptquartier gekürt. Mit dieser Karte kannst Du bisherige Geocaches der Woche in Deiner Nähe finden. Klicke auf einen grünen Punkt, um den Namen und GC-Code zu sehen und klicke dann auf den Link, um das Geocache-Listing anzuzeigen. Kopiere den GC-Code eines Geocaches in das Suchfeld des Geocaching Blogs, um den Artikel zu diesem Geocache zu lesen.* “Geocaches der Woche” sind verteilt auf die ganze Welt *Ehemalige Geocaches der Woche, welche inzwischen archiviert sind, werden nicht angezeigt. Nominiere einen herausragenden Geocache in Deiner Nähe, indem Du das Formular zum Einreichen eines Kandidaten verwendest! [...]

Encuentra un Geocaché de la Semana cerca de ti

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Casi todas las semanas durante 5 años, un asombroso geocaché de algún lugar del mundo ha sido elegido como el “Geocaché de la Semana” oficial por Geocaching HQ. Utiliza este mapa para encontrar Geocachés de la Semana cerca de ti. Haz clic en un punto verde para ver el nombre y el código GC del caché, y haz clic en el enlace para abrir la página del caché. Escribe el código GC del caché en la sección de búsqueda del blog de Geocaching para leer el artículo publicado sobre ese geocaché.* Geocachés de la Semana por todo el mundo *Los geocachés de la semana que han sido archivados desde que fueron reconocidos como tal no se muestran. ¡Nomina un asombroso geocaché cerca de ti utilizando el formulario de nominación del Geocaché de la Semana! [...]

Kittiwake — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC4BAC0 by Difficulty: 4 Terrain: 5 Location: Cayman Islands N 19° 21.716 W 081° 24.060 Geocache “Kittiwake” is a Terrain 5 geocache, which means special equipment is required to reach it. In this case, that special equipment is a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, AKA, scuba gear. Some trackables and a geocoin on a watery visitThe cache can be found 40 feet below the water's surface in the Cayman Islands. For most people that means getting SCUBA-certified and doing a dive (though, as the cache owner points out, some people choose to free-dive). As is common in geocaching, the logbook isn't the only prize to be found at the cache site. Between the cache and the seabed, slowly becoming an artificial reef, is the cache's namesake: the USS Kittiwake, Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship. Learn more about the Kittiwake on the geocache page. The CO is, who's been a technical SCUBA instructor for a decade, regularly leads tourists on dives to the Kittiwake, and thought geocaching would make an extra special addition to an already exciting exploration for many people. But he's been careful about his choice of underwater cache locations: “I would not allow myself to put any geocaches on the historical sites or pristine reefs, but I felt like it was ok at the artificial (man made) wrecks.” Which the Kittiwake is. Photo by spoke to us about SCUBA, pen-swallowing seas, decompression, and Buzz Aldrin. Photo by Ondrej HindlAre you a regular diver?I am a technical instructor teaching from Trimix to CCRs (closed circuit rebreathers) and my favorites are wrecks and caves. I have done many dives on this wreck, which is an amazing deco stop (series of mandatory decompression stops before being able to ascend any shallower) after a deep technical dive on the wall. My first dive here was in the summer of 2012. How often do you have to maintain the cache? What does that normally entail? Given the limited time most visitors have at this GC, there is not much maintenance needed. However the ocean seems to be eating pens, they need to be replaced more often than in other land based caches. It usually takes just a quick stop on a regular dive. It can be done free-diving too, but not everyone can free-dive that deep, for that long. “Fish In Mirror” by Ondrej HindlWhat has been your response to all of the great comments on your cache? I can not describe how happy it makes me that people like this cache and mark it as their favorite. Not only because of the geocache, but I also see behind each of these geocachers, comments or logs a diver, snorkeler, free-diver but mainly an sea/ocean lover and someone who wants to protect the creatures we still have left in the seas. Photo by Ondrej HindlWhat was your most memorable dive at this site? I was lucky enough to guide Col. Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) on few dives during my diving career and the best one was through the Kittiwake wreck. He spent most of the dive “walking” upside down through the wreck, later claiming it is the closest he can get to walking on the moon again. Do you have anything you'd like to share with the geocaching community in general? Thank you to all who keep this great project going. Keep it up Photo by dfx Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

And the March 2016 Geocachers of the Month Are…

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Carina & Lasse! Swedish geocachers Carina & Lasse have found more than 8,500 caches together, but the really impressive number for this team is 4,838. That's the total number of favorite points on the geocaches they own. Their prowess as geocache hiders and their positive influence in the Swedish geocaching community is the reason Carina & Lasse are the March 2016 Geocachers of the Month. Congratulations Carina & Lasse! Carina and Lasse having a snack.Carina & Lasse picked up geocaching as a hobby in 2011. They were already avid explorers, and thought that geocaching would be a fun addition to their outdoor experiences. “At first we tried to navigate using our car GPS. We switched to a handheld GPS almost immediately when we realized we really enjoyed and wanted to focus on geocaching.” Carina, making her way through the bush.For them, the appeal of the game came from the many secret places they discovered through geocaching, which they wouldn't have otherwise found. And it's usually just the two of them searching for caches on their own — “Group logging isn't for us,” says Carina. Pretty soon they began hiding their own geocaches, which have garnered much praise from geocachers local and from afar. Their hides are typically cleverly hidden and are complete surprises to those who find them (there are no spoiler images to be found in the cache galleries!). Lasse goes after GC22JED.Thanks to this geocaching team, anyone passing through or near Skåne, Sweden has at least 150 amazing geocaches to find. Lasse making a reach…Carina signing a log.8000 finds! If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform. You'll need to include the following information: Your name, the name of your nominee, their username Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Featured Geocacher of the Month. These descriptions can be written in any language. Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. [...]

¡La semana del CITO empieza este sábado!

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Consigue un souvenir limpiando el planeta Imagina que estás en medio de un bosque. La luz del sol brilla entre los árboles y sientes cómo te roza una suave brisa. En este momento repleto de paz, piensas en los exploradores que estuvieron justo en el lugar donde ahora te encuentras. El geocaching conecta a los aventureros— en el pasado, presente y futuro — mediante experiencias compartidas de admiración y deleite. Pero es importante recordar que esas experiencias solo existen gracias al bello e interesante planeta que es el tablero de juego del geocaching. Desde los inicios del juego, los geocachers se han unido en una iniciativa medioambiental denominada Cache In Trash Out®. Durante años, los geocachers le han devuelto parte de lo recibido al tablero de juego del geocaching plantando árboles, recogiendo basura, restaurando hábitats naturales y más. ¡Tu oportunidad de involucrarte casi está aquí! La XIV semana anual del CITO comienza esta sábado, desde el 16 al 24 de abril. Mánchate las manos (o los guantes) en un evento CITO durante esa semana para conseguir un souvenir especial. Visita el Blog de Geocaching para aprender más sobre el CITO. Encuentra un evento CITO cerca de ti. [...]

La Semaine du CITO commence ce Samedi !

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Gagnez un Nouveau Souvenir en Nettoyant la Planète Imaginez que vous êtes dehors au milieu des bois. Les rayons du soleil scintillent au travers des arbres et vous sentez une brise vous effleurer. En ce moment apaisant, vous pensez aux explorateurs qui se sont tenus à l'endroit où vous êtes. Le Géocaching rapproche les aventuriers – du passé, du présent et du futur – lors d'expériences partagées pleines de merveilles et de joies. Mais il est important de se souvenir que ces aventures existent uniquement grâce à notre magnifique et intéressante planète, qui est notre terrain de jeu. Dès le début du jeu, les géocacheurs se sont retrouvés lors d'une initiative environnementale appelée Cache In Trash Out®. Les années passant, les géocacheurs ont redonné au terrain de jeu du géocaching en plantant des arbres, en débarrassant les ordures, en restaurant les habitats naturels et plus encore. C'est bientôt l'occasion pour vous de vous investir ! La 14ème Semaine Annuelle du CITO commence ce samedi 16 et dure jusqu'au 24 Avril. Salissez-vous les mains (ou les gants) pendant un event CITO durant cette semaine afin de gagner un souvenir unique. Visitez le Blog Geocaching afin d'en savoir plus sur les CITO. Trouvez un Event CITO près de vous. [...]
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