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Tief Corinna öffnet die Pforten zum Winter

31. Dezember 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Nach einem gemischten Dezember mit milden und kalten Phasen sowie etwas Schnee folgt nun Anfang Januar 2017 ein kalter Abschnitt. [...]


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An Weihnachten Schnee, an Silvester am besten kein Niederschlag und möglichst wenig Wind. Das mit Weihnachten hat auch in diesem Jahr nicht geklappt; mit Silvester sieht das anders aus. [...]

Old McPlumberman Had A Farm — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC6V4ME by Plumberman63 Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: New Brunswick, Canada N 45° 30.592 W 065° 52.629 LastZoo and Plumberman63 are a geocaching couple from New Brunswick, Canada. They designed their gadget cache, “Old McPlumberman Had A Farm” in October 2016 as part of a local gadget-cache-building challenge. After 25 finds the cache still has a 100% favorite-point ratio, and more than a few geocachers have expressed their deep displeasure about being able to award only one favorite point! Geocaching HQ reached out to Plumberman63 and LastZoo for a description of their cache, which is generating rave reviews from all who visit. Read on to find out how this intricate and involved gadget cache works! Darlings Island is a small, little known island in southern New Brunswick, on the East Coast of Canada, surrounded by a lake and a river. It is known for it's hundred year old covered bridge, mild summers perfect for kayaking or fishing adventures, challenging winters with snow drifts and whiteouts, and the picturesque rolling hills and family farms. It is our goal to also make it known as a destination for gadget caches. Our first gadget cache is a small handmade barn complete with a weather vane, hay loft, barn door and attached silo. It is perched on a post along our driveway. As you enter our driveway, the bright red barn on a post could seem like a birdfeeder or birdhouse to the passerby, but the geocacher in search of this cache will immediately recognize it as ground zero. The unsuspecting geocachers will assume that one must simply walk up, figure something out really quick, and voila, the hidden cache container will be revealed, but… not so fast! While it seems rather simple at a quick glance, this geocache container took nearly 40 hours to build from scratch. While one of the elements was inspired by a WVTim geocache my wife (LastZoo) and I found while exploring in West Virginia this summer, the rest is a combination of different little tricks and components that make the cache fun and challenging all rolled into one. As you approach the barn, you'll easily see that tucked away underneath the barn is a padlock with a 4 digit code guarding access to the logbook compartment. Old McPlumberman had a code… E.I.E.I…uh-oh… Where is the code? Each handmade component of the barn unlocks the next step to accessing the logbook compartment. The trick is to figure out which component does what, and which component one must start with. The barn is built sturdily so that it can be pulled and pushed and prodded without much danger or wrecking it, but thankfully solving each step does not require any force. Just patience. A barn-sized load of patience. There are 4 codes for the padlock… and four steps to revealing the code. However, only the last step will provide the code to you, so that you won't be tempted to give up at the third step. Once you've attempted the third step, you'll know why we only revealed the code in the last step! SPOILER #1: The first step is to examine the handmade weather vane closely. It is built with a long brass rode that reaches down into the hayloft and holds the hayloft door closed. Removing the weather vane is the beginning of the chain reaction you need in order to reveal the 4 digit code. In saying this, given that the weather vane is the first step, one would be correct in assuming that the second step has something to do with the hayloft. SPOILER #2: Once you've opened the hayloft door, you will notice several “bales of hay” stacked neatly in the hayloft. Oh, but wait…..! One bale is impaled with a steel rod. It is that very same steel rode that keeps the inside of the silo in place. You could stop there, and never find the logbook compartment, but since you've gone this far, why not unlock the silo by pulling on the hay bale? SPOILER #3: Once you've unlocked the inside of the silo by moving the bale of hay, you will discover how devious Plumberman63 can be. This is the part that determines whether you're standing in our driveway for ten minutes or an hour (or whether you want to throw eggs at our vehicles?). Hidden deep in the barn is another steel rod that guides the grooves carved into the inner cylinder of the silo. Lift the silo higher and higher by finding the right groove without making a wrong turn, and you will gain access to the final step required to reveal the 4 digit code. If it takes you over an hour, you can drop by our house for a break, and we'll you a hug and some hot chocolate. SPOILER #4. Since step 3 is the most difficult step, we decided to add a little fun to step 4 by including a popular kids game into the geocache. You're welcome. The game instructions for our cache are on the game piece itself in French and English, the official languages in New Brunswick. This could take 3 minutes, or half an hour, depending on your observation skills. The good news? You don't have to repeat step 3 once you're ready to put everything back together the way it was. Just insert the silo backwards, and then turn it the right way until it clicks back into place when the red arrows match up! Our favorite memories from this geocache are the reactions from the geocachers who read the description on the geocaching page, but weren't sure what to expect. If looks could kill, Plumberman63 would have died as each geocacher attempted step 3… We also really enjoy the cleverly worded log entries, like the one made by 4CeasonS, which beautifully describe the experience without giving away the secrets. All in all, we're happy to provide some entertainment as our way to give back in a small way to the geocaching community for the years of adventures and discoveries we've enjoyed through geocaching. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Kommt mit dem neuen Jahr auch der Winter?

28. Dezember 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Immer noch ist nicht sicher, welche der beiden Großmächte (Warm- und Kaltluft) Anfang Januar 2017 die Macht über uns haben wird. Jedoch steigt allmählich die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es auch im Tiefland zu Schneefällen kommt. [...]

Das sind die Spitzenböen am 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag!

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Seit einigen Tagen wird über stürmische Weihnachten berichtet. Bei uns stand einiges noch im Konjunktiv, kann aber heute zum Großteil beantwortet werden. [...]

Kampf der Giganten: Zwischen Warm- und Kaltluft

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Dieses Jahr kommt der Schnee-Winter nicht mehr nach Deutschland. Allerdings ist der Dezember ja nur einer von drei Wintermonaten; und für Anfang Januar gibt es Chancen auf Schnee bis in tiefe Lagen... [...]

Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm

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Nach dem windigen und teils stürmischen Weihnachten kehrt verbreitet wieder Ruhe ein. Flächig ist dann wieder Warnstufe GRÜN angesagt, aber... [...]

Wie hoch ist nun die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass das Christkind dieses Jahr Sturm bringt?

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Dass es über Weihnachten stürmisch wird, sollte sich mittlerweile herumgesprochen haben. Doch in den letzten Tagen stand, was die Windgeschwindigkeit angeht, alles noch im Konjunktiv. Heute gibt es allerdings Genaueres. [...]

Senhor da Pedra—Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC2ZWP5 by luisftas Difficulty: 4 Terrain: 3.5 Location: Arquipélago da Madeira, Portugal N 32° 50.110 W 016° 54.419 GOTW Senhora da Pedra, Madeira PortugalOff the southwest coast of Portugal and northwest coast of Africa lies the beautiful archipelago of Madeira. It is the outermost region of the European Union and an autonomous region of Portugal. Known for its idyllic climate, flowing wine, romantic beaches, and sheer cliffs, Madeira is also home to close to 1,200 active geocaches. You must be thinking, “Geocaching in gloriously warm climate with stunning landscapes and flowing wine—where's the grit and the character-building adventure of that?!” Luckily, this traditional cache provides a mildly challenging hike with a big pay off in a phenomenal location. Perfect! You'll start your journey at the São Jorge (St. George) lighthouse, a sweet little spot to prepare for your trek and take in the ocean views. The lighthouse was, “…designed in 1948 and started to function in 1959. Its structure is a cylindrical tower 14-meters high, and the focus is at an altitude of 271 meters. Its light has a range of 16 miles, and its operation is automated in 1986 after being electrified in 1962.” São Jorge (St. George) lighthouseThe next step is to find the path to the geocache. Once you are on the path, you will see why this geocache earned its 3.5 terrain rating. There are many paths—will you take the correct one? Will your path be full of mud with no alternate route? Will you slip and fall in the mud? Will this actually be worth it? Stay strong, intrepid geocachers, because yes, the payoff will be worth it. Path to the geocacheAt the end of the path on the very edge of a cliff, you will find a very large rock. Many years ago it broke free from the hills above, rolled down the rugged terrain, then suddenly stopped right on this precipice. This was so amazing and odd that the locals built a small shrine in honor of the “Lady of the Stone” and placed it underneath the boulder. This “monument' is full of religious statues, candles, flowers, stones, and other knickknacks. It is also a wonderful place for quiet reflection and to sign a logbook. Path to the geocacheIf this amazing rock and little shrine weren't enough, check out that view! On the left you can see Porto Moniz very far away, while on the right you can look down and see the old pier of São Jorge. Can it get any better than this? View from above the rockRecent logs: Siggi72This is my second time visiting Madeira but the first time with Geocaching. Without geocaching I wouldn't have seen this “balancing” rock with the small shrine and the great views. Thanks for showing! Amazing location for a geocacheComètesOn our way, we could not miss this cache, that we already bookmarked in France when preparing our trip. Its D/T ratio is the only one missing in on matrix. We first discovered the lighthouse, then went down to GZ. 148 steps later, we were at the right place. A special place, as many ones that we can discover since we are practising geocaching. We found the box with the help of the spoiler. While we were signing the logbook, a rainbow appeared above the Ocean. To celebrate our fully filled matrix? Thank you for this great cache! At the shrine under the rockED77First we had problems to find the right access and had almost given up. Fortunately we found the right way otherwise we have missed a great adventure and a total crazy place! The path down was a real adventure but at the end worth every step How curious to place a shrine under this huge stone! We enjoyed the mystic and peaceful place, stayed some time staring at the sea This place is worth a favorite point Just before the geocacheGreat view and a great experienceThe shrineGorgeous viewsView to the rightEven pooches love this geocacheContinue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Weht uns ein Sturmtief die Kugeln vom Baum?

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Nach einem langen recht ruhigem Abschnitt mit Nebel und Nachtfrösten, kommt ausgerechnet an Weihnachten mehr Schwung ins Spiel. Nach jetzigem Stand wird es ab dem 1. Weihnachtsfeiertag verbreitet windig; auch eine flächige Sturmlage ist möglich. [...]

A new country souvenir: Romania!

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Be prepared to hike mountains, take field notes on a volcanic crater, check out Europe's largest parliament building, ward off vampires at Dracula's famous castle, and travel back in time to the 17th century on our virtual visit to Eastern Europe. Because our final new souvenir of the year takes you to Romania! Aside from having Europe's most abundant resources of gold, there is a rich and vibrant geocaching community in Romania. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to check out the local geocaching events. The community is warm and welcoming to people who travel to the country for geocaching, and are eager to share stories. You may be invited to join in on the adventure and broaden your visit by tagging along to learn more about the country and culture. Balea Lake GC2DYPD | by delcho | D3/T3.5 | Traditional Cache | Visitors will fall in love with Romania's picturesque countryside filled with landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, steep valleys, and glacier lakes. Our first stop is in the heart of Romania at a place that even impressed hollywood superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme: GC2DYPD – Balea Lake. The drive to the Balea Lake will bring you up winding roads that climb to 2,034 m of elevation through the Carpathian Mountains. Be prepared for the cold air that sweeps through the valleys during winter time. Though if the cold doesn't bother you too much and you only want to escape the wind, you can always seek refuge in the nearby Ice Hotel in case of a snow storm. The cache is south west of the lake and is located at the best vantage point. While you're in the area be sure to also check out nearby caches “A walk in the clouds” (GC1VM88) and “Dragon's Window”(GC5CF4R ). Nobody Home GC1BFHH | by silentmouse | D2.5/T1.5 | Traditional Cache | Stop by this old 17th century village in the capital city of Bucharest, but don't bother to knock because there's Nobody Home (after you make it through the museum entrance). The village museum is open to the public and you are welcome to poke around and imagine you are back in time — with a GPS or smart-phone of course. If you find yourself overwhelmed with joy here, know that it's probably not by coincidence, because the city of Bucharest literally translates to “City of Joy.” [MR] Casa Poporului GC5FPEX | by miss_shady | D2/T1.5 | Traditional Cache | Not too far away from GC1BFHH and the open-air village museum is Casa Poporului the second largest parliament building in the world. If you plan on doing some sight seeing through Bucharest this is a must-grab geocache. It is a small cache on the street facing the palace strategically placed for some great photo opps. However this is a major tourist attraction in the city, so be wary of muggles in the area. Volcanic Crater in Racos GC1QAVH | by Mioritics | D2/T2.5 | Traditional Cache | Of the 51 EarthCaches in Romania the Volcanic Crater in Racos tops the list when it comes to that “wow” factor and provides a glimpse at the country's eclectic geomorphological features. As far as geology enthusiasts go, the volcanic crater is a perfect place to study all types of slag, ash, pumice, volcanic bombs, and hardened lava. Dracula's Castle GC5D8 | by Orangefizzy & Buntoro | D1/T1 | Traditional Cache | 497 favorite points The Bran castle is better known as Dracula's castle in Transylvania, and has the most favorite points of any geocache in Romania. The former abode of Vlad the Impaler attracts over countless visitors each year. If you take the tour, you will see the vampire theme played out in the castle: coffins, red colored drapes, and melted wax candles. Bran castle is open to the public year-round and you can stay in the castle overnight on Halloween. This legendary castle also has a legendary geocache. On April 1, 2001, Team Romania placed the country's first official geocache at this location. The castle is an international icon and surrounded by mountains, giving it the perfect conditions for a geocache. The contents of the cache consists of mainly of toys and games, but also includes a few essential vampire deterrents, including a mirror, a Croatian pre-paid phone card with a photo of the Pope on it, and a large pencil that could be used as a wooden stake in an emergency. The cache container is a rectangular plastic tupperware container with a green lid. According to the cache page there are three different ways to grab this cache depending on how you would like to get there. Romania is home to 3,221 geocaches and a strong community. Whether you are visiting the capital city of Bucharest or sight-seeing in the rural regions of the Romania, you will have a geocaching adventure you won't forget! La revedere!(Good-Bye) [...]

El último nuevo souvenir de paises de 2016 es … ¡Rumanía!

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Rumania es el hogar de Transilvania, una zona boscosa que se extiende desde los montes Cárpatos en el este a las montañas Apuseni en el oeste. Es también famosa por sus impresionantes iglesias y castillos. Durante tu visita a Rumania, tu aventura de geocaching incluso puede llevarte al castillo de Drácula, también hogar del primer geocaché de Rumania. Obtener más información sobre geocaching en Rumania y los otros nuevos souvenirs de paises en el Blog de Geocaching. Rumania se une a Rusia, Puerto Rico, China y Singapur como los más recientes souvenirs de paises de geocaching. Si has encontrado geocachés en estos países en el pasado, estos souvenirs se añadirán tu perfil. Mira todos los souvenirs de paises que puedes recoger aquí. ¡Felices viajes! [...]

Le dernier nouveau souvenir de pays de 2016 est… la Roumanie !

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La Roumanie abrite la Transylvanie, une zone forestière qui s'étend des montagnes des Carpates à l'est, jusqu'aux monts Apuseni à l'ouest. Elle est aussi célèbre pour ses impressionnants châteaux et églises. Lorsque que vous visitez la Roumanie, vos aventures géocaching pourraient même vous conduire au Château de Dracula, où se situe aussi la toute première géocache roumaine. Apprenez-en plus à propos du géocaching en Roumanie et sur les autres nouveaux souvenirs de pays sur le Blog Geocaching. La Roumanie rejoint la Russie, Porto Rico, la Chine et Singapour en tant que derniers souvenirs géocaching de pays. Si, par le passé, vous avez trouvé des géocaches dans ces pays , ces souvenirs seront ajoutés sur vos profils. Regardez tous les souvenirs de pays que vous pouvez collecter ici. Bons voyages ! [...]

Das letzte Ländersouvenir des Jahres 2016 ist… Rumänien!

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In Rumänien liegt Transsilvanien, ein bewaldetes Gebiet, das sich von den Ostkarpaten bis zum Apuseni-Gebirge im Westen erstreckt. Es ist berühmt für seine beeindruckenden Kirchen und Burgen. Wenn Du Rumänien besuchst, könnten Dich Deine Geocaching-Abenteuer sogar zu Draculas Burg führen, die auch Rumäniens allerersten Geocache beherbergt. Lese im Geocaching Blog mehr über Geocaching in Rumänien und über die anderen neuen Ländersouvenirs. Rumänien schließt sich Russland, Puerto Rico, China und Singapur an und hat nun auch ein neues Geocaching Ländersouvenir. Wenn Du in der Vergangenheit in diesen Ländern Geocaches gefunden hast, werden diese Souvenirs Deinem Profil hinzugefügt. Hier kannst Du alle Ländersouvenirs sehen, die Du sammeln kannst. Gute Reise! [...]
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