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September 2015

Feiere zwei Wochen lang “CITO 2016”

29. September 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Verdiene zwei neue CITO-Souvenirs In den letzten 13 Jahren haben Geocacher in der ganzen Welt jährlich das Internationale-“Cache In Trash Out®”-Wochenende gefeiert, indem sie regionale Cache-In-Trash-Out-Events veranstalteten oder an ihnen teilnahmen. Dieses Jahr verlängern wir die CITO-Feierlichkeiten auf ganze zwei Wochen! Geocacher können sich pro Woche ein neues CITO-Souvenir verdienen, indem sie an je einem CITO-Event teilnehmen. CITO-Events können sich um Müllbeseitigung, die Entfernung von invasiven Arten, Aufforstungen oder das Anlegen von Wanderwegen drehen. Zusammen erzielen wir eine enorme positive Wirkung. Haben wir schon erwähnt, dass wir dabei auch noch Spaß haben? Die zwei Wochen, an denen die Feierlichkeiten des alljährlichen “Cash In Trash Out” zum 14. Mal stattfinden, sind für den 16.-24. April und 17.-25. September festgesetzt. Möchtest Du Dein eigenes CITO-Event veranstalten? Lies in diesem Blogbeitrag, wie Du ein solches Event erfolgreich ausrichtest. Vergiss nicht, dass am 11. Oktober “Internationaler EarthCache-Tag” ist Am 11. Oktober kannst Du Dir ein neues Souvenir verdienen, wenn Du den “Internationalen EarthCache Tag” feierst! Dafür musst Du nur einen EarthCache loggen. EarthCaches haben keine gegenständlichen Behälter, sondern führen Dich an einen einzigartigen Ort und geben Dir eine Lektion in Geowissenschaften. Um einen Fund zu loggen, musst Du das jeweilige Listing lesen und vor Ort einige Fragen beantworten. Mit der kostenlosen Geocaching-Intro-App geht das Suchen und Loggen eines EarthCaches ganz leicht: Du kannst Deine Antworten einfach über das Nachrichten-Center an den Geocache-Owner schicken. Benutze die Suche-Seite, um einen EarthCache in Deiner Nähe zu finden. Finde einen EarthCache in Deiner Nähe [...]

Das Wetter in Wien-Favoriten am 28.09.2015

28. September 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Das Wetter in Wien-Favoriten am 28.09.2015 [pe2-image src=““ [...]

Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) — Geocache der Woche

25. September 2015 // 0 Kommentare

Geocache Name: Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) by Team KP and Kid Difficulty/Terrain Rating: D3/T5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: It may be a bit of a misnomer, but the 1000 Steps Cache is not for the faint of heart. To reach it, geocachers trek up an old set of stone steps (just over 1000 steps, in fact) along the side of Jacks Mountain in Pennsylvania. The rewards of the journey are three-fold. There's the stunning view at the top, which is well worth the climb. Then there's the cache, a large, well-maintained ammo can that lends itself well to being a 1000th cache find milestone (check out the pictures and you'll see why). Then there's the fact that you can skip the stairmaster for the next few days…or week…or month. Geocachers in the area do this hike as a kind of rite of passage, even a pilgrimage. It's a great example of a simple cache hide that brings immense pleasure to those who find it. What geocachers have to say: “We wanted to do this one for a long time and found a great day to do it. Lots of folks on the trail today even a couple with their pet goat. Thanks for bringing us here for the physical challenge and a great view. TFTC.” –Bob*kat “When we arrived at the parking for this cache, it was pouring down rain, and I practically had to physically drag Zoimbeee out of the car to head up the steps. For most of the climb, we were surrounded by thunder and lightning, but there was no way I was going to skip this awesome cache location, if it meant arguing with a teenager the entire walk up and trying to convince him the entire experience would be worth it. Thanks for hiding this great cache.” –Geo_Ghosts “What an exhausting hike to this one, and an awesome view. Creepy spiders all over, cant wait to see what kind the are. This was one of the most difficult terrains we have done, and loved every minute of it. Really enjoyed reading the history of the steps. Favorite from me. TFTC.” –GeoJane77 “What a fantastic thought for a cache! It does take you up a bit. The view is spectacular! We definitely will add this to our favorite list! Thank you for this well thought out cache. Winwinters and I are out and about. We are enjoying the hunt! Many thanks to all the CO' s for hiding and maintaining these caches. Thanks for the cache!” –PenguinTeacher What the cache owner has to say: When did you first visit the thousand steps, and how many times would you say you've climbed them since then to do maintenance on the cache?“We first visited Thousand Steps about 20 years ago with our kids. They were around 10 &12 at the time. A few years later we started Geocaching as a family & decided to place a cache up at the top where the view is amazing. We use to go up a few times a year for maintenance. I even took up small bottles of water for those who didn't bring any. In the past few years it's been about once a year. Our daughter has helped with it also. We've even had fellow geocachers who were kind enough to help.” What's the main reason you think people go for your cache (despite the trek)?“We think people go for this cache because of all that it offers, a challenging climb, an excellent view, lots of travel bugs, etc. Also because of all the great things geocachers write about it and it being a favorite of many.” Do you have any funny stories about this cache or this area?“My daughter and husband were in front coming down the steps my son and I following. All of a sudden my son stops because of a rattle snake on the steps. My daughter and husband stepped right over it and didn't notice. It had just eaten (evident by bulge in body) so my husband set it way off the path. Also my friend and I were doing the steps to get in shape and an older gentleman with a weighted backpack passed us a few times on our trek. Turns out he does Thousand Steps twice a day. We felt really out of shape after that.” What's been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?“Our reaction has been one of amazement. We knew people would like it but we never expected it to be such a fan favorite or for it to be Geocache of the week!” Is there anything you'd like to say to the geocaching community?“Thank you Geocaching for getting our family into this wonderful sport! It was a way to keep our family close even as our kids grew and went off to college. Now our kids are Geocaching with their kids! Thank you to all geocachers who visited Thousand Steps. Thank you for making it a favorite and thanks for helping with the maintenance!” Photos: The start of the steps. Photo by Shrlock. Geocachers kidcard and friend with the 1000 Steps Cache The view from the top. Photo by MrBee&WillowTree. OhMelli, Nana's Luz, and T-Tyger after finding the cache. Tundra Wolf and his geo-pack posing at the top. The thousandth step… but not the last one! magicmike&honeybee making this one their 3000th cache Another stunning view from the top. Photo by GeoChara. This cache is difficult to reach, but it's well worth the hike. What's been the most satisfying cache find you've had after a strenuous adventure? Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Berlin News: Ein neuer Stammtisch

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Wer in Berlin oder der näheren Umgebung wohnt, wird den Berolina-Stammtisch kennen und vielleicht schon mal besucht haben. Wir persönlich haben uns auf diesem erst einmal blicken lassen. Das hat nichts damit zu tun, dass wir ihn nicht mögen. Er … Weiterlesen → [...]

Sommer im Tiroler Wipptal

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Im August war ich einige Tage im Tiroler Wipptal. Bei schönem Wetter sind sich zwei schöne Bergtouren ausgegangen. Google hat wieder einmal eine schöne Geschichte dazu [...]
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