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Kunsthof reloaded (GCNRZK) — Geocache of the Week

By Alex
Geocache Name:
Kunsthof reloaded (GCNRZK) by willimax
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
This geocache is hidden within the Kunsthof Arcade: a small, quiet group of connected courtyards in the middle of Dresden, Germany. The facades of the buildings, which were designed by local artists, might stop you in your tracks. One wall is bright yellow and dotted with warped sheets of gold metal that play tricks with the sunlight. The other wall is bright blue and criss-crossed with metal pipes that funnel water to and fro. Every half hour (rain or shine) water drips down through and along the drains and gutters, and onlookers are treated to a concert of the elements. They call it the wall that plays music. This cache is the perfect example of a hide that brings you to a unique and interesting part of town, which you might never have otherwise found.
What geocachers have to say:
“Beim heutigen ersten Besuch in Dresden, hier angehalten und das Versteck gesucht. Ohne GC hätte ich diesen schönes Platz sicherlich nicht gefunden. Daher ein großes Danke fürs Herführen. TFTC.” –SiggihentschSearched for this hide today on my first visit to Dresden. Without this geocache I would definitely never have found this nice spot. For that, a big thank you for placing the cache here. TFTC.
“Der Cache hat mich an eine Stelle geführt, die ich sonst nicht gefunden hätte. Es war schön, dass der Cache schnell zu finden war. So hatte ich noch genug Zeit, mich hier mal etwas umzuschauen.” –KRUMGmbHThis cache brought me to a place that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. It was good that the cache was a quick find, because it left me enough time to explore the area a bit.
“Dieses war das zweite Döslein auf unserer heutigen Runde durch die Neustadt. Dank des Hinweises konnte es schnell gefunden werden und beim Loggen haben wir zugesehen, wie das Wasser durch all die Rohre plätscherte…. Danke und viele Grüße aus Leipzig!” –.Schattenkind.This was the second cache on our trip through the city. Thanks to the description the cache was found quickly, and while we were logging it we were able to watch the water gurgle through the pipes… Thank you and greetings from Leipzig!”

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