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By the light of the silvery moon (GC1BT32) — Geocache der Woche! (engl.)

Geocache Name: By the Light of the Silvery Moon (GC1BT32)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 2/2.5
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
This week, the final souvenir of the Geocaching Road Trip ’15 will become available: Put on Your Thinking Cap. To earn this souvenir, and potentially the Road Trip Hero souvenir, you’ll have to find a Mystery Cache. While many geocachers automatically associate Mystery Caches with puzzles, that’s not always the case. This geocache, for instance, takes you on a nighttime journey through the woods. You’ll have to follow reflective tacks and shapes through the woods until you make it to GZ.
What geocachers have to say:

“Woah! This may be the coolest geocache I have ever found. Seriously! What an adventure! Thank you so much for setting this up!” – ThePaigeTurner
“TFTC!!!! This was our first night cache. It was amazing!!! We had a blast. I wasn’t sure how to set breadcrumbs on the gps so we dropped glow sticks to mark our way home. However, I must admit I have seen to many horror movies lol.” – Geeky Gal
“I thought there was no way the other night caches would compare to the first one we found but this one was amazing. Looking for the silvery moon and stars was thrilling. We were all blown away when we saw the final to this adventure. It’s always nice when someone leaves the light on for you:) Thanks for the hide and smiley.” – Qaz&Kids (Von Derek H)

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