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[Chrismod75] US Army base (GC3J2M4) — Geocache der Woche (engl.)

Geocache Name: [Chrismod75] US Army base (GC3J2M4)

Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 2/1.5

Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Geocaching takes us to some pretty interesting places. Sometimes it’s to the top of a mountain. Sometimes it’s to a spooky abandoned place. This geocache will take you on an adventure to a decommissioned Army base in Italy. The relics of communications equipment and buildings still remain and are open for exploration. Places like this can teach us about the history of a local area and also the history about what was happening in the world at the time.
What geocachers have to say:
“A bit spooky, but it was all worth it . Classic LP cache, that was found by chance without amy searching at all – somehow I went straight to the box . That´s worth a FP!” – Noogman1
“What a must have Lost Place Geocache! For our old VW Bus was the climb up this road a really hardcore test. But he did it, and the Result was an incredible view over the valleys in front and back of us. An surely this LP is the hard way up really worth. Thanks for bringing up here.” – Mystic-G
“what a fantastic lost place. The satellite dishes were very impressive. It was scary to explore the abandoned buildings. The view was great and the wind was strong. Thank you for showing this great lost place.” – CharityLaird (Von Derek H)

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