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Die Geocaches mit den meisten Favoritenpunkten auf der Welt (engl.)

There are many reasons why geocachers award favorite points to geocaches. Sometimes it’s the stunning view at the geocache. Other times it’s the unique container that makes your jaw drop. Whatever the reason, favorite points are a great way for geocachers to award top-notch hides.
The first souvenir challenge for the Geocaching Road Trip ’15 is to find a geocache with 10+ favorite points. Favorited geocaches tend to be higher quality caches, and with the help of the new search, it’s easy to find and sort geocaches by favorite points.
The following geocaches are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the pick of the litter, the top dogs, the big cheese… well, you get the idea. And they all have one thing in common: lots and lots of favorite points.

Geocache Type: Traditional
GC Number: GC13Y2Y
Geocache Name: Lego – einer ist zuviel
Number of favorite points: 5,787

Geocache Type: Multi-Cache
GC Number: GC18182
Geocache Name: Voss-Margarine
Number of favorite points: 3,936

Geocache Type: EarthCache
GC Number: GCZ8H7
Geocache Name: The Cologne Cathedral – A Geological Point of View
Number of favorite points: 846

Geocache Type: Letterbox
GC Number: GC3QM4X
Geocache Name: Seebrücke Binz
Number of favorite points: 1,349

Geocache Type: Virtual
GC Number: GC9A6E
Geocache Name: Historic Words
Number of favorite points: 1,299

Geocache Type: Webcam
GC Number: GC6F12
Geocache Name: London – Beatles Abbey Road
Number of favorite points: 609

Geocache Type: Wherigo
GC Number: GC356P2
Geocache Name: Die Jagd nach dem Grünen Diamanten (D+Engl)
Number of favorite points: 1,175
Inspired yet? It’s time for you to go and find a highly-favorited geocache and earn a cool souvenir. With the most recent update to the Geocaching Intro App, you can now search for any cache type. And don’t forget to spread the favorite point love.

By Carly

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