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How to Find a Multi-Cache – wie findet man einen Multi Cache?

By Alex
Nervous about finding your first Multi-Cache but tired of seeing that non-smiley spot on the map?

Finding a Multi-Cache is a great way to uplevel your Geocaching game. Multi-Caches involve two or more locations, with the final location being a physical container with a logbook inside.
There are many variations to this idea, but typically you’ll visit at least two locations, or stages, to collect the information you’ll need to find the physical geocache container at the last stage. Watch this short instructional video for an overview:

1. Pick a Multi-Cache to find
We recommend starting with one that has Difficulty/Terrain ratings of 1.5/1.5 or lower. If you have your home coordinates set search for Multi-Caches near you now.

2. Navigate to first set of coordinates
The spot where the Multi-Cache is shown on the map is the first set of coordinates, or the first “stage” of the Multi-Cache. Rather than finding the geocache container at this spot, you’ll have to figure out where the second stage or collect a piece of information that will help you find the final location of the geocache. How this is accomplished will vary from geocache to geocache, but these are a few common ways it’s done:

The geocache owner may ask you to find a number, word, or other clue, which you’ll need to write down before moving to the next stage.
Example: The second number on the plaque at this location is the ‘X‘ in the final coordinates of the cache: N 47° 37.38X W 122° 19.197

You may find the coordinates for the next stage of the Multi-Cache hidden somewhere at the first stage.
Example: A sticker with the coordinates printed on it and hidden somewhere at this location.

The geocache owner may provide the incomplete coordinates for the second stage in the cache description. You might then be required to count something at the first stage to fill in the blanks.
Example: Count the number of flags in front of the UN building to find the ‘X‘ in the set of coordinates for the next stage: N 45° 29.468X W 114° 23.1543

3. Navigate to the rest of the stages of the cache
Once you’ve collected the information required at the first stage, you can move on to the next stage. Enter the coordinates for the next stages into your GPS, or if you’re using one of the geocaching apps, use the app to add a waypoint to the geocache and navigate to that.
If the second set of coordinates is not the final location of the geocache, you’ll again need to accomplish a task such as the ones described above.
Since a Multi-Cache has at least two stages, the second stage could be the final location of the geocache, where you’ll find the physical cache container. If that’s the case, you can sign the logbook, trade some swag, and do your multi-cache happy dance!

Ready to find your first Multi-Cache? Download the free Geocaching app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone and go play!

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