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Brush up on your math skills. — Pythagoras (GC4DAY7) — Geocache der Woche!

By Derek H
Did you bring a calculator? Photo from the Geocaching Pinterest page.

Geocache Name:
Pythagoras (GC4DAY7)
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Raise your hand if in middle-school math class you said, “I’ll never use this stuff!” Don’t worry, my hand is raised, too. And now here we are, remembering back to our algebra teacher’s lessons so we can earn another smiley.
Excellent journeys and even better puzzles go hand-in-hand. This geocache combines the two and adds in a fantastic geocache container to create a story-worthy moment. All you have to do is figure out the numbers, remember how to use the Pythagorean theorem to solve the puzzle and unlock the lock. Simple!
What the geocache creator, Kerry_1, has to say:
About the geocache:
In our geocaching area we have found a beautiful place in triangle shape, so we got the idea to use the Pythagoras‘ Theorem for guessing the coordinates. We transfered the triangle much bigger into the map and at the tops we took a photos. After we just had to find some places to hide coordinates.

Producing of the box was pretty simple, even with design it took few hours only. There is a little stumper about getting inside. But if cachers gave attention at school, it will be easy to open it.

Regarding Favorite Points and positive logs:
We always get pleased, if people like our cache and somehow all of our caches are made by the same method. We enjoy making up new projects and we are happy if it pleases those, who will find them.

To the geocaching community:
Try to make caches, which will surprise people. So they will also have a nice memories to take, not the count only.
Geo-pup needs a break! Photo by chris444
Geocachers on the way to the find. Photo by geocacher chris444
Pythagoras himself.

What was the last geocache that really made you think? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.
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