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Do you like lakes? — plitvice lakes (GC1FNKR) — Geocache der Woche!

By Derek H
Absolutely gorgeous! Photo by geocacher Brainburned
Geocache Name:
plitvice lakes (GC1FNKR)
Difficulty/Terrain Rating:
Why this is the Geocache of the Week:
Beautiful places like these don’t form overnight. It takes thousands of years of geologic processes for beauty to evolve out of rocks and water. While photos may enable you to appreciate the vibrant colors and incredible scenery, an EarthCache like this one gives you an appreciation for the processes behind the beauty by teaching you about the sequences that took place to form it.
What geocachers have to say:
“We had tour around beautiful lakes. Whole day we walked around the park. Lots of pictures were taken and beutiful places were seen. Thanks for the earth.” – Legsa^
“Its so beautiful there and the sun was shining the whole day! We had a very nice time here! TFTC” – Schesn
“Daily trip together with DieterRoland from Drvar – Bihac – Plitvice Lakes. Perfect weather, visiting historical sites, beautiful landscape and an impressive scenery here in the National park. TFTC!” – Steveeeee

This view is ok, I guess. Photo by geocacher rum.burak
One of the pathways through the lakes. Photo by geocacher zansquare
The lakes and waterfalls. Photo by geocacher Suikerbossies

What was the last thing you learned from an EarthCache? Tell your story and post photos in the comments.
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